So the tortoise climbed into the boat, the fisherman helping him, and after an exchange of complimentary speeches the tortoise said:. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Its a good story.. It fell to pieces hundreds of years ago. Urashima waited a moment, turning over in his mind what would be the best way to deal with the boys. Do not think that I wish to leave you.

He and Tamayori-hime fall in love. His breath stopped short, and he fell down dead on the beach. When he returns to his home village, his absence turns out to have been years. Three months pass and the man wishes to return, but the goddess reveals 33 generations have already passed in his absence. This picturesque Japanese tale has loads of charm, but is a little bit sad. He spoke to the boys:.

You shall marry me, if you like, and we will live happily together for a thousand years in the Dragon Palace beyond the deep blue sea.

Little children, never be disobedient to those who are wiser than you for disobedience was the beginning of all the miseries and sorrows of life.

That is the mystery. My name is Urashima Taro. Talk about time travel! He would try to persuade them to give the tortoise up to him, so he smiled at them and said:.

What if the box was suppose to be kept closed. So Urashima tro in a great hurry to get back to his wife, the Dragon Princess beyond the sea. It has also been proposed that it was not until the Heian Period that the misreading “Urashima no ko” became current, because names with the suffix -ko “child” came to be regarded as female, even though it once applied to either gender.


It fell to pieces hundreds of years ago. In another version, ttaro is swept away by a storm before he can rescue the turtle. But the ending is always the same. Come up into the boat.

Analysis of Urashima Taro

This priest says Urashima lived years in the Takayasu, Keio, and Paris texts. This article is about the Japanese folklore figure. In the classic folk story Kappa, water is described as a bad place.

So, for moral of the tale that works for me.

Views Read Edit View history. You can do much more with this money than you can with that poor tortoise. Suddenly his hair grew as white as snow, his face got wrinkled, and his back bent like that of a very old man.

I have never heard it before! Fiction about time travel Japanese ths Japanese fairy tales Japanese legends. And what did he find? He fjsher back to wave his hand to Otohime Sama till at last he could see her no more, and the land of the Sea King and the roofs of the wonderful palace were lost in the far, far distance.


Urashima was lost in bewilderment and trouble. After three years, the man develops a longing for his parents and homeland.

Email required Address never made public. The point is not to teach kids that they should save others, especially when someone is in trouble.

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But he turned out not to have died a mortals death, and lived on. All of sudden he started feeling homesick and decided to go back to his home. Any information would be helpful. He would try to persuade them to give the tortoise up to him, so he smiled at them and said: The next day, Urashima encounters a boat with a woman on it wishing to be escorted home.

Then you have missed seeing one of the most wonderful sights in the whole universe. Natasha reads it beautifully of course.

Urashima Tarō

He finally found the grave, thanks to Princess Oto-hime who lit up tue illuminating light on a pine branch. So many versions of this story exist.

But which was the way?