Just enter your comments in the space below. But I find it is predictable. Thank you for sharing and teaching us the Dharma. What Am I Writing Now. The topics let me understand clearly the meaning of iconography of Lama Tsongkhapa. Only by dharma can I bring you benefit.

I usually think Lama Tsongkhapa as being compassionate and kind, he reminds me to being kind and compassionate to others. A Stunning Chenrezig Thangka S. Well, this is the article that you should read to realise how counterproductive is our behaviour even if well-intended. Reply Marcus on Jun 30, at 1: September 6 August 26 July 4. Saini Sahab ab app vijay mallya ka jesa bhag jao And during His life, He did twelve great deeds, just like the Buddha.

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The Kechara Forest Retreat is a unique holistic retreat centre vilm on the total wellness of body, mind and spirit. Dorje Shugden in his various forms. How quickly they can be made to grow, how tightly they can be packed, how much or how little can they eat, how sick they can get without dying You must put effort into your spiritual development, you must.

DearRinpoche, I just received your beautiful gifts,and I truly thank you from my heart!! The greatest gyandj of a Lama, the best activity of a Lama is not to perform miracles or to do death ceremonies or weddings or you know, travel, or wear nice clothes, or build temples.


Lin Mun Saturday, Feb But Dharma should not be just feel good only for the moment but for deeper contemplations. We are fortunate able to print out these beautiful hand painted scrolls on to our shrine.


Please be advised that anyone who contravenes these guidelines may be banned from the chatroom. Buddhism is one of the major religions in the world, originated from India.

Shahid Shaikh Nice video!! The dharma book is in a Tibetan form. And on top of that His clothes, the way a monk should dress has been adopted by all four sects of Buddhism. I hope in my future life I can attend a school like this.

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He stated that a happy, luxurious life was like a good dream, and that obstacles and difficulties were like a bad dream. Be Patient Give the room a chance to answer you. And also share it with others so they can pray to Tsongkapa with results due to understanding. Sick animals are more profitable With folded hands always, Margaret.

TRANSCRIPT: TSONGKHAPA explained | Tsem Rinpoche

Giving alms to the monks is a very good custom as it helps to develop generosity in us. Super cute seal and so gentle.


JuneKechara Forest Retreat. Samfoonheei Saturday, Feb All elements play a vital role to grow a health rose plant. If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind. I find it funny and entertaining now. He taught and taught and taught by speech, also by writing books, and Lama Tsongkhapa himself had many scribes.

A Possible Solution for Tibetan Unity? Introducing Zen Buddhism to the West Dr. Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche 30 H.

There are no brilliant tv shows like tvf pitchers. Knowing His iconography is like a visual roadmap to enlightenment.

Gyenze is the powerful increase emanation February 22, Arman Dimitri oye Bhalle I wish them well, happiness, peace and spiritual growth. Reply henry ooi on Jun 20, at In the no.8 nothing is known unless we endeavour, So go pursue all the way with the unknown, because all unknown with familiarity becomes the known.

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