Pages using infobox television with editor parameter. She informs Gabriela’s daughters about her “things”. The bitter cold woman on the outside, but has a warm kind heart on the inside. Juan must think of a way to get closer to the truth he’s so desperately seeking, and the only way he finds is to make Norma fall in love. He is the husband of Sari Elizondo, and the father of Jude Samonte. He seduced Gabriela and blackmailed her for everything; or else he will show everyone the sex video of him and her.

The Elizondo sisters get married in a ‘triple-wedding’. She was later suffocated to death when Gabriela covered her head. Elle was jealous of Jamie because she believed the she might steal Franco from her. Unlike Norma and Sari, she is considered the less achiever between all of the sisters. He follows all of Gabriela’s order knowing even though she is evil. Gabriel kidnaps Oscar and Sari and the rest including JD and plants a bomb in the cave at first they succeed but they got caught causing Norma to have an accident in order for her son to escape but as for Gabriela she teams up with them to destroy her son to stop this plan and kills both Gabriel and his father, Lazaro, in order to be safe. Juan, being the eldest, wanted was to provide a better life for his family after their parents died.

She is the wife of Franco Samonte. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Jed cooperated with Norma, Sari and Jamie and revealed to them that Gabriela was the plotter of Lyvia and Bernardo’s deaths.

Juan and Oscar’s prison friend. A cold cruel woman, who married Bernardo just for money. Anna did her job well and was the one who informed Norma that Juan, Oscar and Franco are Lyvia’s older brothers. She is a girl with a trauma of love because she was molested and raped in the past.


This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat Elle was jealous of Jamie because she believed the she might steal Franco from her. Gabriel Madrigal is the main antagonist of the series. Juan later returns to Norma’s life and meets his son. Later he is alive, and has cheated death several times. Unlike Norma and Sari, she is considered the less achiever between all of the sisters. It is revealed that he had a sister named Daniella. The two will become a couple but their relationship will be tested after Gabriela does several plans to ruin their love.

She was later suffocated to death when Gabriela covered her head. He raised them after the death of his parents. Minute to Win It —; —; Married at First Sight.

She is the wife of Oscar Samonte, and the mother of Jude Samonte. Add to Watchlist Added. ABS-CBN movif series Philippine drama television series Philippine romance television series Philippine television series debuts Philippine television series endings s Philippine television series ABS-CBN television drama filmed in fjll definition Philippine television series based on telenovelas Philippine television series based on Colombian television series.

The Samonte brothers revenge aggravates and the promise to avenge him. It is later revealed that he is Lazaro’s son and Gabriel’s half-brother.

Gabriel becomes his father figure and loves him as his own. She, Norma and Sari later get kidnapped and Gabriel perpetrated an acid attack and threw it unto her face, damaging it greatly.

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Psayon in the series he marries Norma and has a son. A manly person but has a kind heart. Cia later tried to escape from Gabriel’s hands, but unfortunately she was shot in the back, which caused her to become payson.

Game shows Minute to Win It —; —; But his world will be dazed after Lyvia will be killed by Gabriela Elizondo.

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Like Mike, Henry, and Jed he is loyal to Gabriela. The more he spends time with the family, the more he’s sure of Gabriela’s guilt.

Later, he promises to Jamie that he will love her forever, even though she is dead. He has an interest for Eva and they start to date.

The maid of the Elizondo family. When Franco fell for Jamie, he made his feelings clear to Rio that he does not see her beyond a friend. At the lobby the Elizondos and Samontes are visited by a young image of the Elizondos father Bernardo and gives his pasykn her life back and gives a chance of redemption of their mistakes, as a sign of Gabriela’s sorrowful cries and hopes of a new hope. Cia later makes her feelings straight for Oscar. But her daughters, Norma in particular, will protect their family and their mother no matter what.

The Samonte brothers will infiltrate the household of the Elizondo’s, the family Juan suspects is responsible for what happened to Livia. In the beginning of the series, Franco pasyln an interest for her which caused Jamie to become jealous because she also liked Franco. Jamie will be killed by Gabriel’s henchmen. He treats them like a brother.

Dos also let Oscar and Juan live in his home.

He was the one responsible for the death of Jessa and his half-brother Fernando. A loving son who does not know his father. She is the middle child of the Elizondo sisters and is suffering from ‘middle-child syndrome’.