For those of you who love ABBA, this is the show for you! There are so many more community theatre companies in the GTA which means there are probably dozens more shows being produced next season. May 8, May 8, The Amateur Admirer. Alas, there is only so much you will all read. Deborah Jarvis curled her hair tight and then wound up her character, Sonia, just as tight and let the unraveling begin from the second she stepped out on that stage. For lighting that created a suitable ambiance for the production and was effectively integrated with clever video design to support great storytelling. Her comedic timing is brilliant and she played so well off of the rest of the family.

Both had more energy and enthusiasm than anyone else on the stage! Enter all or part of name not case-sensitive. Our Centenary weekend of trials at Chalfont St Peter. For a performance of one of the most bizarre characters of the season, protrayed with the utmost conviction, and flirting with an edgy wackiness that kept the audience enthralled. In the best of theatre experiences, the collective eclipses the individual contributions, so that the creativity and energy of the group seem almost boundless. Cecil College Foundation Scholarships.

I always value the playwright. Bev is the lone wolf who actually was brave enough to have his work put up on stage. Adjudicator Award 2 – Drama: Tonight they brought to life Bobby Child and Polly Baker, respectively. Enter all or part of name not case sensitive. Micky did a wonderful job of keeping me engaged in the storyline, and I was constantly drawn to his enthusiasm and commitment to his character, even when he was not the centre of the attention on stage.

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Past Shows – Oshawa Little Theatre

Very rarely do you see someone like JP on any stage. I love to see the stage filled with actors and tonight was no exception as there was an adult ensemble AND a youth ensemble. Deborah Jarvis curled her hair tight and then wound up her character, Sonia, just as tight and let the unraveling begin from the second she stepped out on that stage.


What a role to do thsatre after night. Everything was so tight and smooth.

Her timing was impeccable; she got the most laughs for those sharp-witted lines that came out of no where. And best of all, they were all dance moves that these community theatre participants could actually DO! Carol not only has deft control over her orchestra, but she also possesses an extraordinary ability to bring out the best in every voice. Dot is a beautiful woman and did not look so as Grandma lol. She had osyawa really innovative and modern theaatre that she incorporated into a classic style show.

For a collection of sumptuous fabrics, designs and textures, that collectively enhanced the mood of the piece, while supporting the characters in their roles, and in their movement. The physical elements that are added onto him are not much some facial oittle and a hunch but the real transformation comes from the way he walks, drags his hands, hits himself when he does something wrong, and uses partial sign language because apparently Quasimodo is partially deaf, which I did not know before tonight.

To the entire Beineke family: Their energy, enthusiasm and consistency are thearre made the show great and kept the audience tapping along with them. Adjudicator Award 3 – Musical: Simple, specific, and charismatic, Lyle grabbed my attention whenever he was on stage.

Past Shows

Adjudicator Award 2 – Musical: Best Performance by a Male in a Leading Role. Saint Cecilia, pray for. PA babernethy bruceapa. You know Lisa; the star of countless Stratford and Mirvish Productions. You kept those follies girls in line for every tap of their toes. Enter all or part of name not case-sensitive. On Wednesday, March 7,the U. Marquee Productions has always excelled when it comes to producing excellent young talent and tonight did not disappoint.


Seriously… I just love that. For the creation of a time and place distinct from our own, with effects that enhanced the mood of the piece, and heightened the qualities of its characters, in a demanding space. First of all, what a transformation shout out to costume, hair and makeup!

Oshaaw trained in theatre programs or experienced in school productions, these young women shone in the roles they assumed as part of the community littpe scene. You brought inner ease and confidence to a roll that requires you to take full command of the stage. She, like her fellow actors, did not disappoint and was able to make me a Sonia convert!

Tim and Julie Arnold Member of: I believe that the role of Florence is hands down the most challenging role in music theatre. Despite the dark tone of the show, much needed comedic moments shone through and entranced the audience.

Theatre – The Amateur Admirer

It is no simple feat to be so comfortable in a character that it becomes a natural extension of yourself while also executing with great precision. For sound that effectively addressed the mood of the piece with distinct attention to specific effects. This is her first SMT show and I sure hope that they casr her and her talented artistic eyes back for some more fun creations!

A truly astounding performance was given by Erin: Elizabeth made clear and specific choices. And get this folks, this was her choreographing debut! McCarthy is absolutely nothing short oshwaa perfection.

Outstanding Performance by a Featured Artist. Indian River Drive Ft. They were quite the pair and really brought down the house with their electricity.