Oggy starts having an unusual experience with the animals, but with the cockroaches coming along as usual, it is only the beginning. Oggy’s grandmother returns, which means bad news to the cockroaches. Oggy is sick and tired of them bullying him all the time at least more than he usually is , so he decides to get a bodyguard. Every time he wears it, he turns into a muscular tough man. Oggy, Jack and Bob then take them to school. When Oggy is eating jam, it brings along an old bee which cockroach Joey is in love with, starting up a literal honeymoon — involving irritating Oggy.

What is more, he is willing to teach this infant the proper cat etiquette, much to the confusion of Jack. A remastering of “Laughing Gas”. Oggy attaches himself to his dragon and tries to teach him how to fly. Let us know what you think! After being electrocuted, Oggy and Joey turn into a realistic cat and a realistic roach. During a chaotic chase, the roaches shatter one of Oggy’s crystal, animal sculptures. The cockroaches, however, have taken the playhouse for themselves and when Marky spots the doll, he falls in love with it.

A remastering of “Cat Kit”. When Jack gets wrapped in the line the cockroaches are using for their tennis ball, he starts a mayhem. But Zeus is wily and hands his tasks to Oggy and the cockroaches. Joey fools around with Oggy’s bird-call whistle and attracts a cloud of grasshoppers, who invade the pyramid.

Joey wants to be first to walk on the arctic ice-fields! Can Oggy break out of the junkyard in one piece, especially with the cockroaches? Oggy gets a package containing a ogyg bottle, which he oggu to be able to kill the cockroaches.

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All is good until the cockroaches come along and try to sabotage Oggy’s work. Oggy Et Les Cafards: Joey steals them for Lady K, and has Oggy arrested instead of him. A stork keeps delivering babies into Oggy’s garden! Jack aims to be the first one to reach the North Pole. Olivia comes to choose a carpet in the shop and is kidnapped by Bob, the vizier. Mailman has brought Oggy a stun-whistle in order to neutralize the roaches.


After witnessing Oggy receive money from the Little Mouse, Joey is determined to get some coins too, even if it means losing all of his teeth. Oggy finds some old love letters from a girl he used to go to school with.

Oggy chases the cockroaches into his dirty laundry bag. Oggy and Jack are having a racing contest in order to decide who should be allowed to use the TV’s remote-control; it is something that only results in more mayhem. Oggy’s relatives arrive at Oggy’s house for a visit. A remastering of “Sleepless Night”. Oggy collects and hides a baby dragon that Bob wanted to capture. Oggy builds an elevator in order to catch the nasty little bugs more easily. Oggy tries to defend his refrigerator from the cockroaches.

Oggy and Jack go camping, and after a number of mishaps, starting with Dee Dee eating a plant that causes hallucinations to the user, they upset a wild boar who follows them home.

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In Machu Picchu, Joey uses a machine that creates artificial darkness and apparently controls the sun god. Looks like it is going to be a real long way down for both of our feline friends.

Jack and Oggy are holding an auto-youth area. How would Oggy react to this cotton-involving incident?

Lord Bob goes hunting, leaving Oggy and Jack in charge of the castle. Every time he wears it, he turns into a muscular tough man. This causes the washing machine to cover Oggy’s house with pink foam. Jack turns the backyard into a beach for everyone to do whatever they had in mind, but all Oggy gets is nothing but disaster from the customers, and needs all the urgent help he can e — even if it means from the cockroaches. The cockroaches sabotage the compass.


When Oggy is in conflict with Bob, Olivia suggests that the duo should settle with a sumo match to which Oggy has a disadvantage against the big dog.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Oggy is left to look after Selina, Monica’s baby cousin, while she and Jack go on a trip, which is, however, much easier said than done, as the cockroaches are all hellbent on making this babysitting job a challenge because Joey is planning to kidnap Selina for money. A remastering of “Race to the Finish”. During the Stone Age, Oggy and Jack uses cave paintings as part of a plan to capture a Mammoth for dinner.

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The cockroaches hire a termite to help them get in the cupboards. He goes to a witch-doctor who bestows him with a genie called “Super Temor”. The roaches come along for the ride and decide to ruin Oggy’s vacation of course. Dee Oggj has also joined in.

So when they spot Oggy carrying food, they decide to disguise themselves as a snow roach and let Oggy give them food. A remastering of “Copy Cat”. Soon, their never-ending squabble results in Oggy knocking down a lles pile of detergent. As the parrot is at Oggy’s house, Dee Dee becomes very obsessed with the parrot, and wants to get its feathers only for food.

Bob, a camel-trucker, points to Oggy’s demands as he watches his cargo and flirts with Olivia. This creature deals with the cockroaches in a flash, but Tremor won’t go away. A remastering of “Baby Boum”. Joey discovers a can of Oggy els notice anything, though. A remastering of “Magic Carpet Ride”.