Of Castle’s later horror tales, this is his first period piece, and the under-produced sets look more like Gower Gulch than Moldavian baroque. The apps are synchronized with your account at Blu-ray. Home Film Reviews Film Review: As the very well-produced docu reveals all of the shock imagery, it’s a potential Pit of Spoilers. Serious fans should hold out for that package – which we will compare here. It seems that Dr. An enormous jackpot is his reward, but not without a price:

Don’t miss out on these great deals. Complete with a seque intro by Castle, the film would also end on the note of giving the viewers a choice as to Mr. This web site is not affiliated with the Blu-ray Disc Association. Sardonicus is a somewhat lumpy gothic tale that builds slowly to one scary jolt that colors the whole film. The answer is that the European films carried on a Horror tradition that American movies by and large abandoned in the s – visual style. The affectionate piece presents a Columbia executive as an ‘authority’, and latterday fan personalities as on-camera witnesses who can attest to little more than their own enthusiasm for the films when they were children. The Lord of the Rings:

The Baron is strange man, not the least because he covers his face with a mask. She then goes into hiding as the nurse of a mute, wheelchair-bound elderly lady Eugenie Leontovitch. His creepy agenda is always in question painting sardoniicus image of diabolical intentions at best. Now she must escape using her girlish wiles.

Sir Robert Cargrave is an eminent surgeon who has developed a new technique for muscle relaxation. Ronald Lewis Scream of Fear does a good job of not appearing too unflappably dull.

They probably made Castle do these two quickies for half the cost, with gags that could be more easily ignored in regular release. Later, the police show up to the shop and alert Miriam to the fact that a homicidal murderess checked into a hotel using her name, so now she’s convinced of Emily’s shiftiness.


With these shock scenes the only real reason for the movie to exist, and the overall pace so slow, the show doesn’t invite multiple viewings, as do The Tingler and House on Haunted Hill. All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.

After he marries them, she viciously stabs the justice in the stomach in a scene that was pretty damn gory for Like the whole story, it’s a variation on the classic historical horror The Man Who Laughswhich was done as a silent film by Paul Leni with the great Conrad Veidt.

Towards the end, he appears sardoicus to carry out the “Punishment Poll,” inviting the audience to vote on whether Sardonicus should be shown mercy or not. Stone Women uses soft pastel colors to make us think of Flemish painters, and then tells a creepy tale of a ghoulish woman in an old mill full of mummified corpses.

Finding Sardonicus to be cold-hearted and ruthless, Sir Robert is blackmailed into helping the smiling Baron who wears an expressionless mask to conceal his deformitybut it’s he who gets the last laugh in the end.

Of Castle’s later horror tales, this is his first period piece, and rwview under-produced sets look more like Gower Gulch than Moldavian baroque.

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No subtitles are included for either feature. Margaret Hamilton as the Zorba family housekeeper, Elaine Zacharides looks every bit the witch something young Buck safdonicus her if she really is as she somberly sends up her famous WIZARD OF OZ persona, not having to do anything significant to imply this except raise her eyebrow to the audience and walk off with a broom in her final shot.

What’s your nex t favori t e movie? If Beale Street Could Talk. There are no signs of excessive rm reduction or edge enhancement, and the grain structure is visibly organic, while black levels remain deep throughout.


Mill Creek – Region ‘A’ – Blu-ray. His dialogue crudely implies that he’ll attach the bloodsuckers to Hanson’s various private parts, a detail that adds an infantile sickness to the whole irrelevant subplot.

Rray script is an obvious stack of stock situations and conventions without much depth or point. How to Train Your Dragon: Shot back-to back with HomicidalMr.

You can also suggest completely new similar titles to Mr. Now of course, by the time you reach this point, there really is no question as to bku direction the film should go. Krull, the sinister butler Oscar Homolka skulks around torturing the chambermaid with leeches.

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Mr. Sardonicus Blu-ray

Audrey Dalton The Monster that Challenged the WardonicusTitanic is betrayed by a script that gives her no worthwhile dialogue. Home Film Reviews Film Review: Back in town is Miriam’s brother Warren, and he was the one that is thought to have hired Emily to take care of the old lady while in Denmark? The next time out Castle’s horror gimmick would be the flesh’n blood kind – Joan Crawford.

Sir Robert Cargrave Ronald Lewisa experimental but highly regarded physician has been making a name for himself with his approach to muscle relaxation and the success rate with his patients.

Two William Castle Double Features Set for Blu-ray

The Lord of the Rings: During the final few minutes, there’s the gimmick of the “Fright Break,” a second countdown clock that warns you before the camera enters a closed door, soon to unveil horrific events. Dracula’s Daughter Dracula’s Daughter. The actors compensate to a degree.

At the end, Mr.