Have been before to a premiere, lovely cinema alright!! Might as well reiterate that you should check out the light house cinema if you haven’t already. Whenever I have done it, even if I’m not rude about it the offender has generally gotten pissy and snotty – how dare I tell them to pipe down in a movie theatre If you need to speak to someone at the cinema or to make bookings of 10 people or more please email us on info movies-at. But this only works if the screening has a small number of patrons behaving badly! If you need to speak to someone at the cinema or to make bookings of 10 people or more please email us on info movies-at. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Group Bookings are also available for early morning shows.

You’ll rarely get people eating at that time and it’s always exceptionally quiet, at most people per showing, especially with ‘knacker films’ like the Conjuring 2. Tickets can be collected from any till point in the building or from our Automatic Ticket Machines. However – the leg space is great though. G February 26 Roll on June 1st. These pointing to plastic cows on table are very small; those pointing out of the window are far away Dundrum is a modern cinema with all the latest movies and a fantastic Kids Club Cinema with family specials.

One time, there was kids literally running around the entire screen during the film, and being loud as hell.

Fighting with my Family UK: Hey, that’s real annoying that you’ve been having such bad experiences at the cinema. Why would he storm out? Average call length three minutes. You select the offer, show the person behind the counter the code on the screen of your moveis and get a discount. Why the policy that the cinema has is never enforced without someone taking a stand about it. After she finished only took about 30 seconds she apologised to everyone and sat back down and we all watched the film.


And if you dont get there before the trailers you end up ddundrum the front row. Search by Date From: You can sign up to verified by Visa through the Visa website: I’m sorry to hear djndrum your bad experiences.

Verified by Visa is the service provided by Visa for Visa credit or debit cards Visa debit. Website and booking by Admit One.

Good seating, maybe some dining, couches maybe? The hipsters in the IFI needed public shaming. Website and booking by Admit One. Again, lots of conversation and one of them even taking a phone call in the cinema.

All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year. The Witch is a slow, arty kind of horror movie – I was in a screen with only about 20 people, and half of them clearly wanted some kind of lunatic gorefest no judgement, I like them too at timesbecause they fucking talked and laughed to dundrun other through the whole thing.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. And I don’t mean emergency snapchats!!! Do I have to pay for them? Wondering if anyone might dundfum able to advise. Have you complained about any of these incidents? Try cineworld, its the only place I’ve never had a bad experience.

Before Rogue One i’ll tell all my friends if I see them doing that I’m throwing their phones out the window Student tickets may be purchased by any person in third level education, a valid photographic third level student ID will be required upon admittance. I’ve been there a few times, didn’t feel much different to any other cinema really. The cinema honestly makes me want to murder some people.


The main cinema is quite nice! Got a question Our knowledge base contains answers to frequently asked questions. G February 26 Movjes Is it safe to use your website for online booking? The odeon in charlestown is always pretty quite if you make the treck out there. In the event you feel you have lost an item on our premises please visit us in store and request to speak to a supervisor or manager. Using the very latest in cutting-edge technology, we offer screenings in dazzling Real3D in all 12 screens and all 12 are also equipped with Dolby Digital sound, creating a more immersive viewing experience.


He was a jerk!! Where can I collect my tickets from? It’s not just annoying for ag else at the screening but sometimes at those things the cast come and crew come along as well so it’s disrespectful even more. Maybe that’s it then I’ve never really been in the smaller ones.

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Not necessarily appreciate a film, but just to go out with friends. It’s so bogey though. It’s similar to the airport on a summer weekend, where you see families totally lose it because they try to control everything and haven’t actually dundfum anything out. Do I require ID to purchase a cinema ticket? What’s with people not being able to arrive on time for the cinema?

Doubt I’ve been ten times in the last ten years. They laughed especially loudly for the mutilation of the police officer scene. These pointing to plastic cows on table are very small; those pointing out of the window are far away I always mess with them.