Chacha Bhatija , Dharmendra , Juhu , Desai. Let me start with the end, which is the end credits Stayin Alive with Punjabi Remixed and the bloopers in the movie that are running with it. I didn’t expect an Oscar winner, or something taxing with multiple subplots, or some subtext relating to Bolshevik Russia – and I wasn’t disappointed in this. It brought back childhood memories of the area. Gurinder Chadha’s more famous for her directorial breakthrough Bend It Like Beckham, which arguably introduced Kieira Knightley to the world, and here she combines an ensemble with the likes of Jimi Mistry, Sally Hawkins and the Indian actors Sanjeev Bhaskar, Shaheen Khan, Adlyn Ross and Ash Varrez in a film that started like an investigative drama with a potential serial killer on the loose in the Southall district of London, the policeman D S Murthy Sendhil Ramamurthy who had been transferred in for investigative work in his own community to sniff out details of the suspects, Roopi Goldy Notay and her mother Mrs Sethi Shabana Azmi who is desperate for the former to get married with much of her rejection based on her plumpish looks, Roopi’s best friend Linda Hawkins who finds her inner Indian self and is somewhat of a self-taught spiritual guru, and the list goes on. However, there are plenty of unique ideas in here and some great humorous moments that will make it worth seeing, especially if you like the director’s other films.

ZaraBol – Trending Topics. So, as all the expectations from the movie were being shattered badly left and right, I was just sitting on my seat in a lazy posture, thinking about, why Shabana Azmi had to be there in this terrible project and what she may have imagined while signing the movie, after reading the final draft of the script. All the actors except Shabhana Azmi were really good. In the “making of” feature, on the DVD, one can tell that Chadha finds them hilarious. The murders are illogically related with eating Indian food and the manner in which the people die is definitely not hilarious from any angle. Even if you’re lying on a settee nursing a heavy cold. The cinematic liberties under the garb of Bollywood type of cinema should be completely stopped.


The story had so much potential but Chaddha messes it up. Incidentally the story of this Capra gem also pauzed around a person who becomes a spirit after his death and then meets an angel, who shows him how people loved him while he was living and now how they all are missing him after his death.

The dialog is natural, with gags, but the film’s undeniable humour comes from the same loving, awkward moments that drive it’s story. Nothing much to complain about here, if you love life. If you want a horror show, or a logical plot, then it may let you down. But it does not try to be. You need to either be an Indian living abroad or know enough Indians living abroad to get most of the jokes.

The writing is hit-and-miss because even though there were mkments okay scenes in the movie, sometimes momente could drag on for too long.

Still few of us remained seated may be due to the reputed brand name of Gurinder Chaddha. Sally Hawkins though had a single major scene which mimicked a horror film where a woman scorned unleashes hell on earth during her own party, probably a comedic highlight of the film that defied all logic and pushed the film toward absurdity.

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Momentx Ramamurthy is limited to playing the typical love interest. Now the plus is that most of the jokes work. There is a Carrie bit, some of it reminded me of Stardust. Mmost as far as her “It’s a Wonderful AfterLife” is concerned, it’s one of the worst movies I have ever seen. In a homage to se7en one of them is forced to eat curry until he chokes and his stomach explodes.

Certainly not as bad as other reviews jovie made out. Only Bally Sagoo could have pulled this off!! One of the funniest movies in a while! Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! If you want cerebral,don’t bother, but if you want to have a laugh, go for it.


Characters and expression are awesome. The director gets the whole Indians abroad thing to absolute perfection. I didn’t expect an Oscar winner, or momebts taxing with multiple subplots, or some subtext relating to Bolshevik Russia – and I wasn’t disappointed in this.

I had enjoyed Gurinder Chadha’s works such as Bride and Prejudice, and Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, but somehow this entry into her filmography seemed like a step back. The title is misleading.

Some pop stars these days are raved about but I really wouldn’t have them as anything other than background music at a dinner party. My favourite parts of the movie were the outdoor scenes in London’s Southall community. I prefer it over the boring ‘Bride and Brejudice’.

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But the director never bounced back. First off all there is no explanation as to how a mild mannered mother would commit such violent crimes. Chacha BhatijaDharmendraJuhuDesai.

GhazabDharmendraMunna. Zoe Wanamaker is wasted.

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The other added elements that make it a dark comedy, but surely not scary. T here’s no way to keep a straight face through this one. I didn’t find the sequences with the ghosts to be amusing.

The whole thing is not to be taken seriously for even a moment of course! Momenta thought Shabana Azmi was great with what she was given. DadajiNaukar Biwi KaDharmendra.

What spoils the picture is the whole ghost thing. I was also disappointed with the fact that Preeya Kalidas, better known as Amira in Eastenders, was only in the movie for ten seconds. What’s more irritating is that all these murdered people become spirits in the exact condition as they were in their last moments.