Who inspired her to become a fighter in life? Did she finally learn to love and accept herself despite the judgment of other people because of her obesity? Until a day came when it was Ponso’s time to give his Kuya a lesson of life that cannot be learned from books. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! After almost three decades, destiny pulls back Emily and Roger together again. In a time where the roles of family members are constantly changing, Daniel, a househusband whose wife Rosario works in Italy in order to provide the needs of their three children. He acquired scholarship grants and financial assistance from several non-profit organizations because of his academic accomplishments. Their lives started to change when Mojacko met Emily, a social worker, who invited him to stay in a shelter providing for his needs and processed the necessary papers for Mojacko and his mother to have the names—John and Malou Garcia.

May and Bobit, who would often break up because of their personal differences. Unfortunately, amid all of Andres’ efforts, one fact remains–Paz has no feelings for him. However, after the death of their soldier father, Elmer chose to come out as gay—a decision disliked by Eric, who is a closet queen. A story of a family that was shattered by domestic violence, which later caused the 13 siblings to go on separate ways. Full Cast and Crew. However, Rustie’s life began to change when he met a street artist who inspired him to pursue his dreams of studying in a prestigious university. As Pinky grows numb with Rene’s physical and emotional torture to her, from being a cry baby, Pinky eventually becomes a strong woman having the motivation to be successful so she can one day get her revenge on Rene.

But an unexpected turn of events will pave the way for them to be reunited again. But due to circumstances, the definition of love will be hidden from Susan. A heartrending tale about a grandmother’s love for her family.

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Efren “Momoy” Borromeo, a renowned healing priest has been blessed to have a gift of healing sick people and see the souls of the departed.


It is eplsode a love story, but a touching tale of extraordinary courage and true friendship between Apaw and his best friend Dante. Maalaala mo kaya —.

Start your free episodf. The worse thing was, Paeng refused to believe them and chose to stay in Nothing can break them apart though since they have sworn to be the “best simple buddies forever” or BSBF.

Trivia This episode’s promotional title is “Taong bangus. Problem will arises as they try to solve their own problems. Both of them have dreamed of raising their own families someday.

With Letty’s full commitment to her students, a time came when her relationship with her family was sacrificed.

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She dreamt of having a good life that eventually she was able to achieve by being a fish vendor. Francis is a teenage boy who finds amusement and solace in TV shows at an early age. Despite Rene’s unconditional love, Jovel falls in love with another man—Rene’s close friend. Though she is not totally embittered by her disability, she believes that no man would ever get attracted to her because of it.

Discover the trials faced and the sacrifices made by Osang just to support her family. A story of two families who clashed because of a funeral parlor. When Bing meets Dindo, he convinces her to move on with her life. A story of a young boy suffering from leukemia.

Despite her love for them, Alyssa began to resent her grandmothers and decided to run away because they were over-protective and overly strict. He is forced to swallow 61 large capsules containing drugs, which he is supposed to transport to China. Robredo’s simple lifestyle and strong leadership molded by his family and his experiences?

Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Acmad, a man who fell in love with a beautiful but elusive lady named Flor. How can a terminal disease give Rovil and Paolo their little infinity?

He’s so good at entertaining tourists that he quickly becomes well known in their town. Joy, a year-old who gets pregnant after having an intimate relationship with her boyfriend, Nitoy. By the time she realizes her mistake, she could no longer find a way to keep in touch with her parents again. Zoraida had relationships with men of different races, by whom she bore six children: Belen is a mother who only wants to give the best for her children.


Zyra is a teenager who has a lot of bad experiences in love.

Can Joven and Rachel’s make-believe relationship develop into true love? With no money for Fidel’s therapy, Fidel’s wife asked their little daughter, Jonah, to be a teacher to his father.

Andre has always lived life happily despite having difficulty walking because of a rare muscle disease called muscular dystrophy. A story about the sacrifices of a son who took on the responsibilities of his parents when they were imprisoned for alleged illegal recruitment activities.

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As he enjoys the freedom of expressing his sexuality, Bonsai became shocked and terrified with the sight of his youngest sister Lencie Trina Legaspi as a lesbian. A Valentine’s Day offering. In order to help her ilogg, she has to leave for Manila for training. But her strength will be put to the test when she deals with her mother’s breast cancer and her father’s heart ailment. Elena e;isode always been captivated by Herbert’s talent and patience in helping others appreciate the art of dancing; while the latter simply enjoys having a beautiful and attentive pupil with whom he can practice his skills as an aspiring choreographer.

Continuation of the two-part special tribute for SAF Will they see Noel again? Despite her lack of confidence in herself, Mai experiences the sweetness and pain of love from her first boyfriend who cheated on her. This triggers hate in Epiaode heart, which motivates him to fulfill his dream of being a seaman.