And with their own domain name too! The horsemen consisted of: Clan MacLeod Laura l’immortelle. During their travels, Alexa became gravely ill. During the episode ” Indiscretions “, he learns he’s being chased by an obsessive Immortal named Morgan Walker. He is one of the few immortals who count their lifetimes in millennia, instead of centuries. Full Cast and Crew.

Methos avoids battle and, for the most part, other Immortals whenever possible. At first, Alexa refused his proposition of dating, because she didn’t want to disappoint him as she was dying. Amanda has one of the pieces. Their friendship, however, still remained strained. An MP3 excerpt of the song is available. I’ve got paperwork to cover it all. November 21, 0. Urik, Mesopotamia – Sumerians invent writing.

Methos under the guise of Watcher Adam Pierson was assigned to metho writings episoeds the legendary Methos’ past. Although not specifically stated in the show, these behaviors indicate that he possibly ate parts of his human victims, both as a serial killer in modern times and as one of the Horseman in the Bronze Age.

I killed a thousand. And it wasn’t for vengeance, it wasn’t for greed. He has also the habit of saying “yes” after each sentence if he wants to emphasize whatever he is saying right now. It was then that Duncan MacLeod discovered the dark past of his close friend, the wily and peace-loving Immortal Methos.


However, Danny is stubborn. Kronos makes plans to rule the world by developing a virus. He fought Methos and killed him in revenge for Richie’s death. Of highlandfr, an Immortal Lord Byron would live out the late 20th century as a rock star.

November 28, 0. As “Famine,” he has the propensity to consume living animals and possibly his victims. You could say that. When mothers warned their episode that the monster would get them, that monster was me. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

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Methos 06 Mar 8. However, Methos was persistent, and waited for her under the rain and asked her out on a date. When asked whether Cassandra’s accusations were true, Methos responded:. Quinks Links Lots and lots of links, organized by categorgy actors, characters, jethos. A thing that Duncan knows too well. Immortal Kalas is after Methos, the semi-mythical oldest Immortal.

Jinjifore’s Highlander Transcripts Transcripts and detailed synopses for several Highlander episodes. Urik, Mesopotamia – Sumerians invent writing. Silas then lived in Ukrainehiding in the woods for many centuries.

Four Horsemen (Highlander)

Do you know who I was? It was also during this time in his life that he took his first head, from another immortal named Joseph. She seemed to know Hhighlander from earlier times and she also helped him when he tried to steal the Methuselah crystal. He fell in love with a mortal named Alexa Bonda waitress who worked in Joe’s bar, and who was terminally ill.


The Seriesand several fiction books.

Duncan and Methos receive a Double Quickening. This fool has only managed to update his white power assholery for the s. Their friendship, however, still remained strained. Full Cast and Crew. You see it in the way some Immortals treat mortals.

That changes in this episode. Would you like to turn your Sims into Highlander characters?

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Valentine Pelka’s portrayal of the Immortal Kronos as a charismatic, funny and seductive yet evil warrior hellbent on world domination and destruction made him a favorite among Highlander fans. Next Article Blu-ray Today: Both Kalas and MacLeod raced to be the first to find Methos. All of these things come together in the grand, two-part finale highlaneer the third season.

The focus, though, is on Duncan and the episode sets up a drama. Stories of persecution and revenge and friendships that cross imagined enemy lines all find their meyhos into this episode. After the events of the season five finale, Duncan tries to tell Joe that the demon used him to commit murder.