In fact, one could almost say he gets caught on purpose in order to plan a stunning break-out. So delicious to witness in the audience, I mean. However, you either ignore this fact or convince yourself it is not real; testimony no doubt to the allure of the main character and the manner in which his story his conveyed. Although she shines throughout, one wonders if Sagnier has been the right choice for a film like this: Since this is the second half, some viewers may find that this part is more thrilling and it is, but as a whole, and I really look at both parts as one film, as it should, Jean-Francois Richet has made a highly memorable picture, one of the finest gangster pictures that I’ve seen in quite some time. I’ll just describe one sequence. I loved Killer Instinct, the best film I’ve seen in , perhaps in the last few years. This is a must see film for crime film fans and is a near perfect film that is highly engaging from beginning to end.

He gives his word not to open fire in exchange of twenty minutes; Broussard knows Mesrine will burn some incriminating papers, but anything to avoid the bloodshed. This has a really interesting opening part, but then goes nowhere after he’s captured and finishes his autobiography. In the title role, Vincent Cassel is a relentless force And Mesrine hasn’t enough tough words to denounce the prisons: Proud of his growing notoriety and his ability to manipulate the media, Mesrine appears to be having a lot of fun here as well as Cassel playing him. Killer Instinct was a critical hit there was were high expectations towards it’s sequel Public Enemy Number One. It doesn’t quite work as expected, but the mess he handles is still a lot of fun, even if not truly worthy of a figure as complex and fascinating as Jacques Mesrine. Anne Consigny as Mesrine’s Lawyer.

After getting used to the drifting criminal life, Jacques Mesrine finally became the kind of small person he was ignorant, constantly struggling in ideals and secular, doing a daydream of subverting the world, but having to beg to the world. More crimes and mayhem follow until the film end just the way part one began; with Mesrine and Sylvie driving through Paris until gunmen opened fire on their car Movies – The Last Night.

Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. It is shot and edited in a great manner and kept me on the edge of my cinema seat. Too bad good old Jacques has been declared the French nation’s biggest menace, which effectively authorizes Broussard and his team to take him down if necessary. This seems to be a pre-emptive defense, as if Richet anticipates criticism for a lack of depth or some glaring omissions.

We now see more sideburns. He truly captures his characters as a hypocrite, who wants the high life and a master of disguise. At least, that was the case with the first installment, Death Instinct; the follow-up, Public Enemy Number 1, isn’t quite as accomplished. Admittedly, this film still feels rather episodic like the first film.


Mesrine: Public Enemy #1

It takes place over a shorter period of time than the previous film leaving more room to concentrate on the man and his motivations, particularly during the scenes in which he verbally spars with enemyy ageing millionaire and kidnap victim and his brutal attempted pubilc of a right wing journalist.

A good, solid cap ebemy the 2-part series. Besse is a quiet voice of reason amidst an inaccurate growing sense of invulnerability; the first night they break out of prison sees Mesrine bring over two women for sex and drugs, despite their faces being all over the news; whilst on another occasion, the venturing into a police station in disguise feels like a discerning act too far, and we relate to Besse as his facial expressions; tone and body language begin to mirror our own.

Vincent Cassel is brilliant as the “honest bandit”. When he creeps into the hospital to see his dying father, you wonder “What went wrong?

That part of the film reminded me a lot of the Baader-Meinhof Complex, which looked a similar idea. He has reached here the top of his career. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. I loved Killer Instinct, the best film I’ve seen inperhaps in the last few years.

I’ll just describe one sequence. That of course can be a problem too; Mesrine is a charismatic character but he can also be brutal and knowing certain events really happened is disturbing; this is neemy true in the scene where he beats and then shoots a journalist. The same year, “The Hurt Locker” was released and it started with the quotation that ‘war was a drug’.

Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1

One can understand the difficulty in making the film look real if one considers this is a story that happened more than thirty years ago. He usbtitles Mesrine’s respect, and even more when he mesrie to come unarmed as a way to earn the arrest. It’s propelled by such a forceful performance from Pub,ic that, in the end, it hardly matters.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea, competence and honor don’t make him “honorable”, still, his ego wouldn’t have tolerated any defaming accusation, he was a gangster, a killer, who could kill cops but no civilians, he loved children, animals, braved all the risks to go visit his dying father, he was a master of disguise who couldn’t disguise his feelings when it came to love, as he could write passionate and romantic declarations of love to his women.

We then go back in time to witness Mesrine’s multiple criminal acts, arrests, trials and successful escapes. There’s no drastic stylistic change this time around, though there’s a more prevalent sense of doom. Mesrine stages another daring escape and disappears into the lawless underworld, taunting the police and reinventing himself as a celebrity criminal through his savvy manipulation of the media.


Above all the film now has an overriding focus on Mesrine’s growing public identity, which he consciously shapes. JoshuaParis 7 February Therein lies Cassel’s greatest achievement in the film – to create a character for which all you can feel is antipathy but nevertheless to find him intriguing enough to carry on watching.

Movie Info Now back in France, Mesrine is finally in police custody and facing justice for his crimes. Cassel once again shines as Mesrine, and he looks great with all his various hair styles, wigs, and varieties of facial hair.

He had a bone chilling reputation, and a knack to sell himself to the public subtitlws to make him more popular towards France’s messrine. It can’t have been an easy thing for the director to capture or for Cassel to personify, but what is impressive about this modern-day Robin Hood is that no matter how bad he gets he is never quite an Al Capone or a John Dillinger.

Mesrine. Part 1, Killer instinct. Part 2, Public enemy number 1 [videorecording]. – Franklin

A lot of credit must go to the creator Jean-Francois Trichet for his achievement in recreating the story of a criminal that shook France during the time when he terrorized the country.

These scenes show all his bluster about being a “revolutionary” was really a smoke screen to cover his ever increasing ego and obsession with his own public image. Alex roy Super Reviewer. Music Box Films hide caption.

This time it looks as if half the police in France are after them but they get away by taking a family hostage And that’s what makes Part 2 not as good as Part 1. Vincent Cassel is such a fine actor that pulbic is able to bring to life this atrocious character having not seen Subtit,es 1 leaves any advantage that film may have given to his character development and why this actor suddenly has a beer gut, etc.

May 14, Full Review…. Watch Clips ‘Mesrine vs. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiessubtitlse to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Broussard and Mesrine appear to have a respectful mutual understanding of each other.

Anne Consigny as Mesrine’s Lawyer. Besse is essentially the opposite of Mesrine–he is efficient, intelligent, lacks showmanship, and takes his work more seriously.