Kuu would play a young rich businessman named Misuze Yuu who’s primary role it seems, was to get on Mariko’s character’s nerves. Their only chance at getting back their normal lives lies with their manager, the Inugami who transformed them. Especially if they had grabbed at her like Mariko just did. Saeko could see that they were and decided that she’d give them another half-an-hour before making them go back inside. We’re going to give them a little bit of eyecandy. I’ll run you through it if you want. Mayu had her hood up and also stayed in the shade, feeling uncomfortable.

He lead Ray to these people and in a bigger group, they headed out to the beach and fans who recognized Ray kept away. Are we looking at a ish episode series then? Unable to think of anything better, Riku shrugged and joined Kuu with Yuko trailing after them and finally Mariko went too, dragging Atsuko on Kai’s board with her. Are you two-timing Atsuko? Atsuko did just that and Riku had to hold back a giggle. The File by Zygopetalum reviews From Mendol. She had never seen Atsuko act so emotional.

Your review has been posted. Riku and Kuu nodded in agreement while Kai blushed hotly.

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The most recent episode was great, and the next episode with the performance looks awesome! Mar 18, Location: On the other hand, Nami is a professional photographer and loves her job. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He was a lot better than how he was this morning but loud noises still hurt his head.

If she could get him to blush like that every time she complimented idop, Ray would do it all the time!

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Then one day — after another failed audition — they witness a criminal act and are now the target of those gangsters. You know that, right? According to Haruna’s blog entry, it’s 12 episodes. Is it sad that I really want a second season, only for the reason that they might promote 3 seconds as a single?


Pausing, he ducked behind a pillar and looked into the cafe cautiously. She had had to burn that part of the script because Atsuko just couldn’t play the role and Tomomi couldn’t watch Atsuko try.

iddol They were practicing the scene where Aki and Ruki first meet at an aquarium and their awkward shyness was too cute for words. Leave a comment Cancel ikenen Enter your comment here Nami had told her last night that she was Kai because she wanted to be an idol Before long, the people who wanted to go surfing had run off and the people who hadn’t were occupying themselves with other things to do.

Could it be the start to more? They started over again and finally Kai jumped in at the right part.

She’s after you all the time-” “Don’t worry about her, we’re just friends. And we’ll have the BEST story-arc this series has ever seen! The Diva had been barred from this practice session. There was only the ocean, the sun, the gulls and the two of them floating away from everyone else. Watch out around this part of town, eh? Do you already have an account? Are you upset with Kai? Mayu quickly caught on to the fact that something was up. You are commenting using your Facebook account. English hard subbed by Hana and DS team at http: And Atsuko had been slightly put-out by the fact that Kai received daily messages from Ray, enough for Kai to find it strange when Ray didn’t message him at a certain time.


Observing all of this, Mariko sat back, twirling her pen. Atsuko absolutely HATED people touching her without permission, even her friends sometimes riled her. Riku shrugged and went back to the lobby with Mayu. You’ll have to run me through the hoops, I’ve never done this before! And she flashed Atsuko a smug smile when Kai wasn’t looking. Jun 9, Location: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Kuu could hold a grudge. She’s after you all the time-“.

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Maybe you don’t need any reason because you are destined to be together with them. You are commenting using your WordPress. Atsuko was also watching ikemeh songstress with a small smile on her face, as if trying not to laugh.

Your name or email address: She turned around to see Kai standing there with his surfboard, wet and grinning at Atsuko.

You are still You by ryotzalcoatl reviews Mendol Ikemen Idol.

I don’t know what he’s doing. However, someone send their photos to media and soon news of Ray’s secret love with a girl spreads across the country.

She’d look through it later. But not before bumping Kai with her board deliberately. Loved her music, but really, who knew there would be such a huge disconnect from what Riku thought she was and what Ray really was? It didn’t take them too long to get to the beach and they walked along, unmolested. Mariko and Yuko were basically the only ones she had a rapport with. Thank you for all your hard work!