Don’t know what it is, come quickly. What would you like to discuss? Your love won’t stop Overall a watchable movie. Even if world loses status Used to hate Danush, but now am a fan of him after watching 3 and this one. Pick where the clip starts No, only I know how much he loves you.

It’s a thrilling ride till the end. You won’t anything silly like this again, right? Worth watching once atleast. I must touch only after making her my wife. Very nice qualiy movies. I should’ve taken you to task that day itself. My son knows about you, that’s why he told me to bring food for him.

Let’s cover ourselves with the warmth of hot wind I’ve seen it 3 times and each time I am moved even further. If you’ve shame and shy, come out.

Missing fishermen have returned safely. Dnglish you please stop it?

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Settle the dark man’s loan. Give it to me Please listen to me. All other women are like losing hair.


Please tell me that. If you’re not happy with job, you can’t quit midway. Tell him to give me He gives only cooked rice. Go for it folks.

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How can anyone call it boring? You must talk to me next time as I talked to you now. Now only I’m breathing. I’ve informed Pani, it’s over.

Shall I become a bangle on your hand? They’re shooting people here, sir.

She makes fantastic gravy and rice, will you ask her to come here with marriyaan Fantastic film based on true story. It’s a thrilling ride till the end. When the snow clad mountains of mercy melts Sorrow in my heart is turning into erupting lava Why hasn’t he turned up yet?

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She’ll wake up entire village. Wait a minute, Pani. I don’t know if this mother’s love can bring him, but I’m confident your love will surely bring him back.


Rahman keeps the moive alive.

You know that, right? I should have waited until it came out on einthusan.

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Great movie, diffrent storyline, Dhanush and Parvathi acting well. I must see her I’m scared you may hit me! Tell me, this is that last time. Not all the time Romance, Love story.