Sam says I m strong, I m fine trust me. NAUC ve trp ki dohaime air off ho giya. Nandini smiles and asks Radhika why did she bring Arjun here. She asks Radhika to trust her love and asks Arjun to go office. Sam loves him still n she cant separate them always,…this ll induce radz 2 not leave arjun 2 reach sam,.. What they are saying?

What they are saying? Sam changes her clothes and gets ready. He sees her tensed and asks does she not remember anything. Once again a big thank u to star plus for treating us badly rip star plus. He shows Sam the mark on his neck. He says you said we will wait till 30, and you did not wait.

He asks Sam why did he call Arjun. He recalls the night.

Sam asks Neil what happened yesterday. Once again a big thank u to star plus for treating us badly rip star plus. Even i have made many of my frnds watching this show who even dont knw hindi! What they are saying? 12tn 12th Aug – Mala asks its big abshagun.

Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan – 12th June 2015 – Full Episode

Piyali asks Sam what is it. Mala comes to them and asks Arjun to apply sindoor to Radhika. This is to renu. Am new to this website bt i use to daily read the comments posted here! Renu Feeling sad that the show is ending. Divya 13th Aug – 9: Wow, way to go Star Plus!


Manmarziyan 12 August 2015 Episode Watch Online

Radhika says to show your truth, but you made everything disappear. Radhika says sorry Maa and asks Arjun not to go office.

NAUC ve trp ki dohaime epusode off ho giya. Neil wakes up and smiles, saying baby …. She asks him to shut up and sends him, saying lots of work. Mala asks Radhika to get ready as bride. He says I won, and asks her to give her clothes.

Nandini asks Arjun to come home soon from office, his new bride will miss him. He calls her a cheater. Mala says we have this ritual. Neil says I will say, actually. Nandini says she does not believe so, after she got Radhika as her bahu.

Manmarziyan 12th August Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

FB shows Sam and Neil playing cards and she wins. She says its abshagun.

She removes her top and wears his shirt. I expect them in some other show and mmz will be a forever glow for us. Nandini asks Radhika what are they doing here.

He smiles and fools her. How long will they stay popular just by saas-bahu serials? I think they will kill radhika ….

Nandini says non existing things disappear like this. Radhika says I got Arjun here. Star plus is so rude. Radhika gets stunned seeing her. Mala tells Nandini that she is scared of heights. TSM ll air replacing mmz,… at Sam wakes up and gets stunned seeing Neil sleeping beside her being shirtless. To make sp continue d show post signatures n comnents click here http: Arjun seems to manupulate rads n make his story of da girl tryng to save her friend frm a guy……… Wow nce try arjun.


Nandini says its good I heard the sound and opened door, what are you doing here. Nandini opens the door.

She asks Radhika to trust her love and asks Arjun to go office. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. She tells Radhika that she will use this in different way. Piyali tells Samrat that Arjun manmarzjyan not coming today. He covers himself with the blanket and removes the shorts.

Sam says come, tell later, we have work. Each and every scene are perfectly imaginef and love your way of thinking Renu!