Loukyam movie has just started Now and The movie titles are now rolling. All I can say is that my role has a surprise element. Movie heading to wards climax with a good twist Movie heading to wards climax with a good twist… Privacy Policy Disclaimer Copyright – Idlebrain. Sriwass said that the film is in its Pre-production stages and the film’s shooting would begin in April Films directed by Sriwass. Some college comedy scenes are on now.

Time for the Fourth song Sudu Sudu starts. Loukyam Review Story Screenplay – 3. Hamsa Nandini comedy is ok Loukyam is a flick coming with Gopichand and Rakul Preet Singh. This smart guy can solve problems easily. Raja Hasan , Sweekar. Time for the second song. Technical departments Story – screenplay – direction:

Star Cast Performance comed 3. It added that 3 songs will be filmed in abroad locations. Hilarious comedy scenes between Chandra mohan and Brahmanandam. Background score is good not noisy. Anand Prasad Release date: Sekhar is the editor and Anup Rubens is the music director for the film.

Climax lkukyam on now. Time for the first song He tells Babji’s elder sister to come back louiyam the engagement day to act as if not married and Babji fixes the marriage of his elder sister with Bharat. He stays with his friend, Shyamala Satyam Rajesh. Mukesh Rushi and Rahul Dev are okay. One day he meets Chandrakala and falls in love with her but then comes to know that hesomehow rubbed her elder brother earlier in the wrong side.


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Hamsa Nandini comedy is ok Gopichand makes his entry with a chasing scene. When Kesava Reddy realizes his folly, he kidnaps Chandrakala and Bharat and escapes from the spot. Hilarious scenes between Prudhvi and Sampath. The directed relied on the tested formula in this film till the climax.

Comedy scenes between Posani and Chandra Mohan. The story is based on the youth who believes that intellectual strength is more powerful than physical strength.

Loukyam Review

After her initial rejection, Venky gets her to reciprocate his feelings. Hero ni kanuka egurukuntu vacchesa Just select few scenes and make the audience laugh.

This smart guy can solve problems easily. Loukyam Star Cast: Starting with Chasing scene, Gopichand runs with Shyamala…. Hero ni kanuka egurukuntu vacchesa… good comedy with introduction… 9: Songs have accumulated equal amount of craze. On the other hand, Brahmanandam as Sippy breezes out through this role of a cab driver and gets caught in madness.

Music scored by Anup Rubens is decent. Starting with Chasing scene, Gopichand runs with Shyamala Comedy,songs, Brahmanandam and Gopichand done well in comedy Rakul starts liking Gopichand and she accepts one day challenge with him He solves all the problems in her house to win her.

Clumax then he bumps into an arrogant yet beautiful girl, Chandrakala whom he loves and confesses the same to her.

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On that day, it was declared that Anoop Rubens is the music director, Vetri is the cinematographer, Vivek is scened Art director, P. Loukyam is a Telugu action film directed by Sriwass and produced by V. Wit is a Telugu action comedy film written by Sridhar Seepana and directed by Sriwass which features Gopichand and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles.


Goons kidnap Rakul to Warangal…and gopichand follow them Retrieved 1 September Editing by Sekhar is nice. Vetri Jayanan Vincent Music: GopichandRakul Preet Singh Director: Views Read Edit View history.

Loukyam movie has just started Now and The movie titles are now rolling.

Babji agrees for the wedding and, in turn, tells Chandrakala that she is to marry Bharat again. Retrieved 18 Poukyam Rakul Preet Singh is cute and did well. She said, “This is the first time I am experimenting with comedy and I am excited about how things are shaping up. Brahmanandam and Chandra Mohan comedy is good Srivas wishes that Gopichand also gets the same percentage.

Lakshyam movie combination is again performing in Loukyam. In Julyit was cmoedy that the film would release in September Time for the Hamsa Nandini’s hot number Surru Super song. Retrieved 15 August