I have had to resume interim control of the fishery, I cannot stock because I do not know what to stock with and there is limited money to facilitate meaningful stocking. I like the new cafe with history of the meadies above you. For bookings or further information please Telephone: Great place for outdoor activity of all kinds. The Forth District Salmon Fisheries Board, who were present during the meeting, are also investigating the potential of using Lochore Meadows as a study area to monitor the migration upstream of salmon and sea trout. Fantastic for dog walking or even just a nice walk by yourself. Teal Bay is strictly fly only and holds the largest trout, many of them are specimen trout which are stocked at a minimum weight of 2lbs and many are into double figures.

We are open all year from 8am till dusk Night fishing available. Great for a walk. The loch is about acres in sizeand is divided into four separate areas with different fishing styles for each area. We will be only too happy to help. There is a Cafe within the Lodge which is open from 8: Bank fishing is also available:

Rainbow Trout fishing returns to Lochore Meadows – Fife Today

The loch is about acres in sizeand is divided into four separate areas with different fishing styles for each area. For reasons of safety there needs to be an able-bodied adult 18 or over in the boat at all times.

Over the coming five months, beginning on Thursday, the cash award will be used to restock the loch with Rainbow Trout. A report is to be prepared for the Area Committee before the end of the year that details how fishing will be taken forward in Lochore Meadows after this season. The Catch Limit Bank Tickets day or season is 5 fish per rod. The fishery is only part of the activities taking place on the loch.


It is hoped that funds raised from the sale of permits can be put towards stocking the loch in future years. Great for family walks or dog walking.

Fishing In Fife

The fishing is bank and boat fly onlyfor rainbow, steelhead, blues and wild brown trout. Spinning and bait fishing is restricted during certain periods.

Lochore Meadows Country Park. Great place for outdoor activity of all kinds. Well kept and I love the views What a beautiful park, the cafe is excellent with helpful staff.

Loch Glow is situated just a few miles to the north of Dunfermline. Permit checks will be carried out on a regular basis, with advice on fishery rules also being given to those fishing in the loch. Sea trout fishing from the shore in Tayport and Wormit is very popular and there are some first class fly fishing venues in Fife offering predominantly rainbow and brown trout fishing.

The wording of the motion which approved this contribution were. Image of the Week. That is not a matter for criticism and people levelling criticism now should perhaps reflect on why they did not seize the opportunity to attend the open meetings of the fishing club and help to shape its future. Good facilities for resting cafe, toilets. The fishing is fly only by bank and boat for rainbows and they are open all year round.


Storage site plan for central area of village. Grounds are well cared for too, tidy. The West Shore is part of the Nature Reserve, and bank fishing is not permissible, giving added benefit to the boat angler. Park fishery set to re-open. The loch is approximately 10 acres, has four boats and some T shaped jetty’s allowing good bank fishing.

Trout Fishing in Fife, Scotland. Fantastic for dog walking or even just a nice walk by yourself.

Only barbless hooks can be used and keep nets lpchore not allowed except in matches. For prices or further details please contact Anne Nicols Tele: As in all stocked waters of the region, lures and sinking lines will always provide general sport, but finer methods and appropriate techniques and patterns will, at the right times, outfish ‘down below’ stuff.

Fly fishing is allowed throughout the season.

Fishing at Lochore Meadows Country Park

Wards hit by welfare changes 1. Historically there was a loch on this site which was drained in to improve agricultural ground in the msadows. It is cared for and administered by the County Park. When the fishing club is back on its feet and when major decisions are made regarding the loch I will advise people.