It is sharper, much better contrast and even more information in the frame. Effects are almost entirely ambient, with only a couple of gunshots shaking things up and adding some serious punch to the mix. Jodie Foster Introduction In this introduction to La haine from , acclaimed actress and filmmaker Jodie Foster discusses her passion for the film and the reasons she championed and presented it in the United States. Get Flash to see this player. Each scene features an afterword by director Mathieu Kassovitz. Coming Soon to Blu-ray: It looks a shade brighter than the Criterion but may have some very minor edge enhancement -Thanks Per-Olaf! The Blu-ray mastering of the high-definition transfer of this gorgeous black-and-white film is sharp, rich, and artifact-free—distinctly superior to the DVD.

Reinhold and Mieze moving as if on a woodland proscenium, helplessly trying to avoid a violent, practically preordained confrontation. In November , riots spread throughout the suburbs of Paris following the accidental deaths of two teenagers in the poor banlieue district of Clichy-sous-Bois. He remarks how he is a Criterion fan owning many of their LaserDiscs from years gone by. Your nickname or email address: The jaundiced amber color timing and rich use of shadow looks far superior in high-def than on the DVDs, and the lossless audio is slightly crisper than before. Of special interest are three shorter collections of footage:

La Haine Blu-ray

Audio Commentary with Mathieu Kassovitz Though the track features Kassovitz alone, he keeps the track interesting, speaking at length on the political inspiration for the film. Kassovitz is funny, informative, and intimate, without being tediously self-involved. So far, so good An Arab boy is brutally beaten by the French police immediately after a criteriln riot on the outskirts of Paris.

In this introduction to La haine fromacclaimed actress and filmmaker Jodie Foster discusses her passion for the film and the reasons she championed and presented it in the United States.

They hang out on rooftops where a barbeque blk hints that life in this area moves on, trying to secure some kind of normalcy. Kassovitz also makes several comments of how little has changed within the banlieues and the film’s stylized photography.


La Haine takes place in and around a French housing project in the aftermath of a medium scale riot. In all other respects, though, the Blu-ray, sourced from the same restoration as the DVD, offers merely an HD upgrade of the older discs. We’re committed to keeping our content free and accessible—meaning no paywalls or subscription fees—so if you like what we do, please consider becoming a Slant patron:.

Criterion – March 07′: However, certain filmmakers, such as Joseph H. Select category Add custom category Go. A Star Is Born.

Director Kassovitz pulls no punches and speaks quite frankly about the politics of haije project, production details, people involved and the impetus for the film. Well worth checking out. By Mathieu Kassovitz and Nicolas Sarkozy.

Jodie Foster gives an articulate, heartfelt 15 minute introduction. There is much more including 4 deleted scenes and 4 extended scenes, a short featurette on the making of a scene and another on preparation for shooting.

Don’t miss out on these great deals. View packaging for this Blu-ray Share: There is little plot, but more a series of situation which illustrate the situation the film notes its motifs upon.

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Dialogue is highly intelligible and very nicely retained front and center. Widescreen anamorphic – 1. In French with English subtitles The Making of a Scene Critdrion this on-set footage, director Mathieu Kassovitz orchestrates one of the more technically challenging scenes in the film, the one in which Vinz fantasizes about shooting a cop. Good thin you caught up with it, its a great movie. They head to downtown Paris to visit a former friend who has started dealing drugs with the big boys.


Characters speak at length about what seems completely irrelevant banter, but it is in the act of doing so itself that the film finds its power. Don’t Miss Blu-ray Review: Shadows remain balanced throughout, and depth of field is consistently remarkable, allowing the smallest of details in the frame to emerge with clarity and precision.


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An extremely informative piece, this minute documentary looks at the real-life situation in the banlieue, comparing it with the authentic documentary-like depiction in the movie. April 17th, Double standard Transparent Keep case Chapters revieq La Haine – Criterion Collection Blu-ray Their lives are brought into a new perspective when Vinz discovers a cop’s handgun, brewing a false impression of power that’s further motivated by a friend’s brutal beating at the hands of the police.

Criterion next includes a collection of Deleted and Extended Scenes. Read about our review ethos and the meaning of our review badges. Brilliantly juxtaposing this voyage with the overall plight of the ghetto-like banlieue, and the trapped inhabitants therein, Kassovitz offers up a keenly observed study of socio-political machinations wrapped up in an insightful urban indie drama package.

Revjew Foster Introduction Best watched after viewing the film, this shows Foster long-windily explaining why she fell in love with the hakne, how she got involved with the project, and why it still holds up today. Your nickname or email address: On Region A-locked Blu-ray Criterion have once again done a stunning job with this package, offering up impressive video and audio, especially considering the low budget restrictions of the production, as well as a hefty extras package critefion should satisfy all fans.

The Criterion Collection Edition: There are also on the set interviews with Kassovitz intercut with the footage.