They are entirely in agreement with the scheme, and are honoured by the proposals made therein. On February 12 Lieut. The progress of the reginuent was further indicated by a memorable church parade which took place on April 1st, Geschrieben von Williamsmado am Apr 14th, We must, however, look further back than these com paratively modern organizations, and in doing so we are indebted to Dr. The men bearing the colours then took their places in the ranks, and amid thunderous applause, the regiment was brought to its original position in quarter-column.

The general plan was for “A” Company to go over first and hold the enemy front line, the other com panies following, “C” Company on the right, “B” Com pany in the centre, “D” Company on the left. On reaching the crest of the spur, they encountered a party of some 50 of the enemy, ap parently undecided whether to stand or retreat. The old colours bore the stains and tatters of many a hard-fought field, and the new ones had to pay homage to the old, the latter being sent to Dingwall, Ross-shire to be there preserved. These ridges terminate in the largest of them all, the Bapaume Ridge, on which the German plan of defence in this area was based. Many of them belonged to Scottish societies of various kinds. Geschrieben von Viagraatove am Mai 5th, The Table of Events and the other appendices at the end of the volume, will, they trust, be found useful, together with the Nominal Roll, in making clear in detail the opera tions and the importance of the Battalion, the history of which it is their privilege to record. Given, therefore, a Scottish, and consequently a clannish element in the population of Vancouver ; the presence among them of men not only of financial standing but of public spirit, and it is evident that the conditions were ripe for the formation of a Highland regiment, a military organization that should embody the soldierly ideas, the uniform and the special characteristics which have ever belonged to the wearer of the kilt.

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They had entrained on the evening of August 14th, and after travelling that night and most of the next day, arrived at Hopoutre at about 4 p. During this tour the artilleries and aircraft of both sides were very busy. Bataiille November llth the Battalion moved up again and took over practically the same dispositions as before. The Province was abolished in along with all provinces in New Zealand. Geschrieben von FlagylmeN am Mai 18th, Such a emtier is our best guarantee against a repetition of the Armageddon through which we have just passed.

It will forever be a prominent event in the calen dar of history. As this attack could be plainly seen from the 72nd Headquarters it was immediately re ported to the artillery, who responded very effectively within three minutes, when the attack was seen to halt, crumble away and completely fail.


The pipe band took its part in a grand performance of the massed pipes and drums of the Canadian Corps at which F. Geschrieben von Higguergy am Jun 12th, Geschrieben von Anthonykef am Aug 3rd, A light wind wafted the gas slightly in the direction of the enemy, but the rapid return of rifle fire showed that they were not taken unawares.

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That “necessity” which “is the mother of invention” prompted Pte. As it wore to a close the wounded man began to sink rapidly, and his two gallant companions decided that rather than give themselves up, one of them should make an attempt to reach the Canadian lines that night and bring back assistance, a plan, the audacity of which may be conceived.

Geschrieben von Michaelopern am Jun 16th, Geschrieben von Williamdoulk am Jun 11th, Geschrieben von Eugenewax am Aug 17th, Geschrieben von Stanleytosse am Jun 30th, Geschrieben von christianym2 am Aug 15th, Geschrieben von WilliamZer am Jul 11th, They never knew ppasschendaele what hour a raid would be begun.

Nelson, New Zealand — Nelson is a city on the eastern shores of Tasman Bay, and is the economic and cultural centre of the Nelson Region. Wadmore said that he was highly pleased with the regiment and complimented Col.

In the year the first locomotive of the Canadian Pacific Railway had steamed in to the chosen terminal of the line. Cameron, were more fortunate, and captured two pris oners. Well over 30 officers and men were distributed among the numerous other battalions organized in British Columbia, and another were recruited and sent forward for these battalions after the st left Vancouver.

Geschrieben von Amukaepoy am Jun 17th, The pre liminary work had begun nearly three weeks before when systematic artillery destruction of the Boche lines was opened in earnest. When June 18th the anniversary of the battle of Water loo came along, the Battalion was called upon to send a draft of men to France a striking commentary on the change that a century had wrought. The marching of the regiment was especi ally remarked.

From the 88th Battalion, 1 officer.

Geschrieben von Fiml am Aug 2nd, A regiment of the Canadian militia, the 6th, the honour able passchenxaele of which has been worthily maintained in the recent war, had for some years existed in Vancouver, when the movement in favour of a Highland regiment came into being. This Mission was composed of ten members, and was commanded by Brig. And now he reached the German front line where all was in a condition of strained alertness.


The type used by the 72nd was afterwards adopted by many other battalions. Geschrieben von Svetatet am Jun 5th, Geschrieben von Higguergy am Jul 3rd, The movie looks great and Tom Hardy really fits the roll but Idk about the voice the concept is awesome but the voice is so edited and the symbiotes are so shiny and not matte or something it looks more like molten plastic then a goo. InItaly joined the Allies and Bulgaria joined the Central Powers, Romania joined the Allies inafter a stunning German offensive along the Western Front in the spring ofthe Allies rallied and drove back the Germans in a series of successful offensives.

The war diary shows in a line or fiilm for each occupation of the bataillr what the men were doing. Passchendqele the interest ing and unusual items of the sports was a mule race. Coming close after him were the remnant of the Highlanders, who had gone into action on the 9th- a few over men. The attacking forces under Col.

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Andrew s and Caledonian Societies, was appointed in his place. Geschrieben von Cialisatove am Mai 5th, Geschrieben von WillieJeS am Mai 22nd, passchendsele M anson, Major J. Desperately conscious of what the loss of this position of vantage would mean, the Bavarians fought like tigers. New Zealands armed forces have three defence policy objectives, to defend New Zealand against low-level threats, to contribute to regional security, New Zealand considers its own national defence needs to be modest, due to its geographical isolation and benign relationships with neighbours.

Geschrieben von IsaacRom am Feb 9th, Geschrieben von BruceRix am Jul 21st, The tug of war between the different companies of the Highlanders proved one of the most in teresting events of the day.

Having always had an interest in the military, King decided to make it his profession and joined the New Zealand Permanent Forces passchendaelrhaving previously served with the local Cadet Corps and militia. Geschrieben von Higguergy am Mai 26th, The skill, the patience, the courage and the tact with which he handled a comparatively raw unit under new and trying conditions, earned for him a confidence and affection on the part of his men that he will never lose.

In a local militia had been formed in Wellington without official sanction and this prompted the Chief Police Magistrate Major Matthew Richmond to order its immediate disbandment.