She tells the others that in her old home, Hube, who was in the dungeon, was the only one who would talk or listen to her. Retrieved from ” https: Yuri orders him to stop and drop the sword but Sara, in his fit of anger, vanishes along with sword with Berias grabbing him at the last minute. On the ship there Yuri meets a ships apprentice named Rick, a merchant named Heathcrife and his daughter Beatrice. Lyla, the king’s helper, takes it upon herself to show Yuri and the others around and to help them look for the forbidden box. Who is the strange cloaked man? When Yuri arrives in the king’s throne room he learns that King Belar is being controlled also.

Yuri and Wolfram attends a banquet disguised as girls. Despite not wanting help from the Demons, the citizens of Caloria grudgingly accept their help after some persuasive talks. Yuri and everyone else returns to Covenant Castle to form a plan to defeat The Original King and save Wolfram since one box is still left unopened. Murata, Jozak and Wolfram arrive, helping Conrad who was not able to defeat the monsters created with esoteric magic. However, The Great Demon Kingdom and the allied towns are not stupid. Wolfram then throws his silverware on the floor to challenge Yuri to a duel to contest the engagement and Yuri unknowingly accepts by picking up a knife. Murata, Jozak and Conrad travel to Big Shimaron to obtain something that Murata had left behind without Yuri’s knowledge.

The only way to calm the dragons is to sacrifice the pink Bear Bee.

Francia has made Conrad a prisoner and decided to join in alliance with the Demon Kingdom. Alazon had infiltrated the castle and intends to capture Yuri for his power. Yuri was enraged and went into a rampage to destroy Big Shimaron’s army. Fortunately, Muarat had a plan, calling in Jozak who jumps in in time and Murata activates a trap, imprisoning Shinou.

This page was last edited on 18 Februaryat Find out what happens when little Yuri accidentally spills his ice cream on a thugs pants. The Bear Bee hatches and splits up into many pink Bear Bees which calm and kinden the dragons.

Lanzhil, in order to get rid of both Conrad and Yuri, orders Conrad to execute Yuri to prove his loyalty to Big Shimaron, knowing that he would not do it. Yuri’s action led to his own abduction by Stoffel’s men.


Sara then realizes that he had been wrong and his mother had rejected him to protect him.

Yuri and Wolfram find out and follow them in Celi’s ship. Wolfram cries and Yuri bids him farewell.

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Yuri entrusts Jozak to discard stone as he wishes. Gwendal and Yuri are sent to trial for Yuri eloping with a demon.

fnglish Faceless puppets attack Yuri at the party and run off with Wolfram. After Yuri wakes up, he finds Norica digging through the cemetery eoisode for her son. Instead of a body they find the second part of the demon flute. Despite Yuri quelling his worries, Shori attempts to interfere with the ceremony and is assisted by Conrad where he shows his buried powers. Finally a messenger arrives from Big Shimaron informing the populace that the Ultimate Tournament is about to begin.

Everything has turned back to normal but anxiety hangs in the air as Yuri has not awaken. It turns out that the White Episore had been in pursuit of Al for quite a while to obtain the sword that Al had with him.

A mysterious girl who bears a strong resemblance to Ulrike is seen being mischievous around town.

Where can i find Kyo Kara Maoh! Episode 79+ english dubbed online?

And when Adalbert joins the battle Yuri winds up fighting for his life! Alford shows up in search of his sword and winds up helping Yuri and the others retrieve it. They met up with Wolfram and Adalbert and return to their hideout to plan Yuri’s escape. It is revealed that Shori was right about the boxes as the seal is dissipating. They then continue on to Bob’s office, ignoring his warnings. Yuri is shocked to find himself all grown up after falling asleep and finds himself experiencing a normal life.

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Light falls from the sky, curing the injured and giving the Holy Sword power, allowing Sara to revive Alazon. Shori can now manipulate water and practices. Adalbert and his allies; who are hired by the villagers have some trouble defending the humans from the wolves.


Panic consumes the troops of both nations and Big Shimaron’s epissode decides to leave the children he already has 7 order to escape the volcano’s fury. At night, Conrad and his soldiers go to investigate some incidents of villagers being attacked.

Hube once again attacks Yuri and Conrad defends him. Meanwhile, Yuri receives a letter from Engish informing him that he might be able to arrange a meeting between Yuri and the king of Kyl Shimaron. It is later discovered in an IOU letter that Celi was the one who took the gem of the dragon king, wearing it as kraa of a necklace in order to woo men.

Alazon was shocked to see them there and fled the castle. They find the missing Demon Stone in the hands of Rosetta and her family, but the family is using the stone’s power to repair magic tools and restore magic to earn more money for food. Yuri wants to leave it and just guard it but when Big Shimaron shows up to take it not knowing or caring if it’s the real thing or not.

There they meet a girl, who turns out to be Urike’s predecessor. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Yuri convinces Wolfram to take him out to help.

Ulrike remarks to Shori that Yuri’s normally bright light was getting hard to see. They find the sword at the bottom of the hot spring and Yuri attempts to grab it but it has a face and it bites him and so he runs episodr scared. Yuri, who was escaping, noticed the commotion and rushes back to episde Shori.

Gisela, Yuri and Conrad send Adelbert off as the night ends with a banquet. It seems that one of the maids has been affected by miasma, a disease that makes the person unable to trust anyone.