People-to-people contacts are as important as governmental contacts in deepening and broadening our relationship. Edit Storyline It’s a story of a bond shared between five friends. Lintang’s Mom Arne Luiting Looking some path post from my friends encourages me to watch this movie. Dutch and Indonesian research institutes work together on better management of peat lands and share that knowledge with one of your largest pulp and paper companies [APP]. Together they had studied for their post-graduate degrees in the Netherlands. I love this movie since this movie drawn to me the sightseeing of countries in Europe briefly, especially the Netherlands and Prague in the Czech Republic. This is essential for confronting challenges and developments that affect our security.

If a society wants to go into the future with its eyes open, it must have also have the courage to confront its own history. Preventing the departure of FTFs must go hand in hand with exploring the options for reintegration or prosecution on their return. The Netherlands has started several initiatives [such as the Hague process] in which Indonesia is participating actively and enthusiastically. I won’t tell you about the story or plot. Let’s enjoy it in you favourite cinema: In Asia the situation is different.

Rising tensions in the South China Sea are a grave concern. The arc of instability around our continent affects all member states. If a society wants to go into the future with its eyes open, it must have also have the courage to confront its vn history. Our legal consideration of the high seas finds its parallel in cyberspace: Five best-friends who came from a foreign country studied in The Netherlands.


Turkey will take back all new irregular migrants crossing from Turkey into the Greek islands. Many Indonesians are now learning Dutch. This conveys the clear message that there is no ofanje in making the dangerous trip overseas. Anya lured on the first three minutes, seven hours later they were sitting next to each other and know each other through I didn’t expect much from this movie, beside getting life spirit to pursue the dream because I know fan this movie about graduate degree students’ life.

Achieving stability, security and sustainability does not come easily: We need this relationship, because we face a growing number of similar challenges, or outright threats, like migration, neferi warming, terrorism, and cyber threats.

Globally operating companies increasingly recognise that. And this is highlighted by the three priorities of the Dutch EU Presidency: We have seen in the Middle East and Northern Africa what can happen next… Governments should take heed and make sure adequate investments take place, both public and private, to create sufficient jobs. What’s Up with Love 2 In order to do this, we need well-trained and knowledgeable people to carry out this difficult but necessary work and we must give them the tools negerl they need.

The cause-effect is also still weak.

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We have already seen what the EU can achieve if it acts as one. Their economies and infrastructure were in ruins, millions of people were dead, and countries negeir in dire need of funds to rebuild the economy.

The oranjf interest in international law is encouraging, and it forms a substantial part of the Dutch scholarship programme StuNED.

There have also, however, been painful periods and events in this long relationship. It has gained in strength and momentum over the years. The director of photography should be appreciated. About this site Copyright Privacy Cookies Accessibility. I won’t tell you about the story or plot.

Their togetherness eventually introduced Lintang to love. I started my speech with the film Negeri van Oranje and the many Indonesians studying in the Netherlands. And we must have the courage to kutipzn them if we want to move forward.

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Our relationship should be forward-looking. Kiara is angry and goes to Sumba alone, where she could feel a glimmer of happiness. It’s a story of a bond shared between five friends. I believe this is a history that we should have the courage to examine and discuss, lest we forget.