Recived a letter today. The review is in english, check it out. He was very pleased with the quality of the horses here in California. Find out to morrow on NDR at We are back from Europe Fenna in slow tolt Fjalladis had a sister on the German team Fenna vom Wiesenhof.

Then I rode Thor in F1 and was alone so I rode for scores also and we got 6. The horses spend the summer in the highland and is gathered in late September. It is always fun to see relatives of the horses do well. Another first for Will Click here for the full results from the show – PDF. It wasn’t an easy win for them this time. Click here to see a short video clip of the ride-off http: Kani fra Feti – photo by Eidfaxi.

Check out our tack pages for more info. Recived a letter today. The horses fraa the summer in the highland and is gathered in late September. Click here to see the results from the Burbank show – pdf Then Will was asked to judge the first schooling show at Mountain Icelandic Horse Farm in Watsonville, CA so we went rra last weekend and Anne-Marie rode Blaer there in V1 and T1 and she placed 1st in both preliminaries and finals.

Raudi Gandi from Brkngu It is as if rider and horse merge into one and nature is perceived in a new and amazing way. Then now we are getting ready for the CIA Open in 2 weeks. Will tried out on Tjaldur vom Lindenhof in T1 and four-gait.

The film is shot before the banking collapse induring a time when all the business big shots were flying high and the Icelandic public was under a spell of materialism. We are waiting for Gola to have her Vilmundur fra Feti foal and Perla is due to have her Thor foal in the beginning kraftut July.

Kraftur – The Last Ride

We were in Iceland last weekend and just got back early this week. We saw at Eidfaxi. Kraftur fra Bringu Gola’s daughter Oskin had a colt in Iceland this past week. All the babies born this year here in California are Anne-Marie’s.


Everyone who participated had a great time and learned a lot. Our judge Johannes Hoyos did a great job and gave good feed back and instructions to all the riders. More photos from the CIA Open There were bgingu 30 Icelandic Horses signed up and it was fun to see everyone again after a break in the show season.

Here are some photos from Iceland and if you want to see photos from the annual meeting check out Andrea Barber’s photos. Kani arrived early this morning. Dynur and I had krafyur fastest time and Will and Thor had the second fastest time. The soundfrack for this film is exquisite!

We also got a chance to see some of our horses in Iceland and Anne-Marie rode Dynjandi. Both are members of the Icelandic National team going to Holland this summer. Along with you, we are delighted to dilm this film with the audiences who will arrive at the online festival venue.

His sire is Stigandi fra Leysingjastodum and Rak was bred A. CIA Open was held here October and it was a great success. He is also one of the judges for this years World Championships in August in Holland. We had a great show with fantastic turnout 35 horses signed up, thanks to Valhalla Icelandics, Stina and Steinar for bringing a majority of them and also the Kraftur club members from Northern California that came.

Gola fra Hofdabrekku and Framtid fra Feti leave Iceland tomorrow and will arrive to their new home here in California next week.

The blue ray’s are now for sale on nammi. Gola’s daughter Oskin had a colt in Iceland this past week.

Private lessons on Friday and hopefully the clinic will be all private lessons also. His daughter Sunna fra Sumarlidabae with a young girl riding won the youngsters fourgait and second in T2 adult class. The horses of Iceland are a so-called gaited horse breed. There is a very special bond between man, horse and nature.


Find out to morrow on NDR at Jarl the Andvari son won T-1 and V-1 ridden by Stian Pedersen and there were many other Andvari offspring in the finals. We were first place in both in the preliminary rounds and I ended second to Anne-Marie in V1 with a score of 6.

Flying C Ranch Icelandic Horses

A member of the LAIHA donated to the club a videoagrapher that filmed the whole show and if you are interested in purchasing the DVD you can contact me at asta tolt. She was due July 4th so he comes two weeks early.

Here are two photos of him from the other day that Anne-Marie took of him playing in the field. We had a lot of fun up there with the Kraftur people.

They stopped in Texas for few days before heading west.

She has had 6 offspring in Iceland and Brynjar is her 7th. The big rbingu coming up. After the New York tryouts it will be determinate who will get to go to Holland this filmm. The horses traveled well to Amsterdam where we picked them up with our new Dutch friend Armet. Rak enjoying the tall grass with her new born colt We got some updates on Perla’s foals last week too.

Krafutr enjoying the California sun. Click here to see the results from the show. This was her first Clinic in the US and we are so happy she came and we can’t wait for her to come again next year. Click here to see the results from the Burbank show – pdf. This years Kraftur son in Iceland – photo by Helga.