But today, as two rival companies vie to stage the definitive 25th anniver- sary celebration of the Woodstock festival, these two qualities are lit- tle in evidence. The UK could withdraw and prosper commercially, say by negotia- ting entry to the North Ameri- can Free Trade Agreement But such a costly upheaval should be avoidable – espe- cially if Euro6ceptics stop sulk- ing and start working for the right kind of liberal Europe. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The producer Is Wemer Herzog, of ffitzearraktotane. While land and labour short- ages limit supply, demand is booming. There is also a complex system of awards for new Ideas, though the company generally eschews finan- cial bonuses for inventions, on the grounds that getting them to mar- ket Involves extremely complex cor- porate team-work.

Germany, at last, is showing signs of impa- tience with the bureaucracy endemic to Brussels. Most told the survey they volunteer from a sense of social responsibility and a feeling of satisfaction from helping others. He says cor- porate entertaining works subtly at the margin. If businessmen in the past have escaped attention it is not because they are considered out of bqpnds – witness Ralph Halpam and his Umbo – but because they are not well enough known. In April last year, they filed a complaint with the Bel- gian legal authorities, claiming that the offer undervalued their shares. Fighting flares in Bosnia Serb and Bosnian government forces at the weekend fought for control of strategic supply routes, as the UN said a new round of talks aimed at bro- kering a ceasefire would con- vene this week, writes Laura Sflber in Belgrade. If you have a student ID and aren’t going to these concerts It Is my favourite sport.

There are several taxis just past the check- point, but most of the drivers do not speak English, ft is better to arrange a car with a translator beforehand. As one diversion, I would probably use my spare notebooks to start a Journal and diary of our lives. What was the big deal? Travellers kmaasu get up and walk around, and remove shoes with caution.

They range from on-line fax and audio text services, through plans for expansion in conventional television news, to the more futuristic portable flat panels that can scroll through newspaper pages and sections and bring the pictures to life with video news dips.

What would you need, apart from fax and telephone, to cany on your business? Two weeks ago my hus- band arid i were taken ppremiere Co vent Garden by BP. Officials from Germany, Spain. Page 20 UK may stem import of construction steel: Page 17 Nikkei reaches dosing high: If it is a success the aim is to tarn out a hour news channel for the 5m people in the area.

There is also a complex system of awards for new Ideas, though the company generally eschews finan- cial bonuses for inventions, on the grounds that getting them to mar- ket Involves extremely complex cor- porate team-work.


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He was named business- man of the year by Nouvel Econo- niiste, the French business maga- zine. In a weekend Interview with, the Los Angeles Times, Mr Clinton conceded he had prob- lems communicating his for- eign policy goals to the public at large. The time limits for depositing proxies prior to the Debentureholders Meeting may be waived by the Company in Its discretion without notice. EFGM’s rote b to promote toe business idea known as total quality management, a philosophy which puts customers and employees at the centre of a company’s thinking.

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This distinction ignores that From Mr Alexander Mum. It gives you the free- dom to create more inflation than your neighbours, but not more jobs or a higher standard of living, because these depend on economic fundamentals such as work effort and pro- ductivity growth.

Irish ATMs are fluent in five languages though not Rus- sian. In advance of the G7 summit in July, France wants German support for the new World Trade Organisation to debate minimum labour standards. Most regional and local newspapers in the former Soviet Union have yet to find the confidence to comment forcefully on events: There has been much legal dis- pute In the UK over what kind of business undertaking is covered by Tupe arid how much of an employee’s pay and conditions premidre be transferred.

Videologic has, however, retained its intellectual property rights.

I put it to the editor of the Sun, who said he couldn’t possibly comment. Mr Sharon concentrated much of his b uDding efforts on the south of Israel, the Negev desert where jobs are scarce and where even new immigrants wore reluc- tant to five.

The most interesting of these are: He is Geertde Raad, a Dutchman who took over the reins of the Brussels-based organisation from John King at the beginning of this month. Poetry night at one hell of an interesting neighborhood bar in Barrio Yungay. Holders of Debentures in unregistered or bearer form desiring to attend and vote in person or by proxy at the Debcntureholders Meeting or any adjournment thereof without producing such Debentures, may deposit same with a custodian listed below and will receive in exchange a Voting Certificate s which will entitle the bolder named therein to be present and vote on behalf of the holder at the Dcbentureholders Meeting and at any adjournments thereof or to appoint a proxyholder to represent and vote on behalf of the Debentureh older at the Dcbentureholders Meeting and any adjournment thereof.

Far from disapproving of all this junketing, I love it On the – regret- tably few – occasions that I have been on the receiving end of corpo- rate hospitality, I have bad a splen- did time. For three days in New York State, half a mutton students, anti- war protesters and all-pur- pose hippies congregated fat a field for three days of music, lnind-aher- ing substances and muddy may- hem.

Otherwise crowds might have started expecting him to give them a multiple hundred every time he played, and to break a record a week – not that record breaking is difficult in cricket. Now that they have lost we are seeing another side of their person- alities.


Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (May 15 – 17)

A Treasury survey of 32 new inde- pendent forecasts in May found that the average expectation of growth was 2. Debentures so deposited will be held on deposit until afler the Debenturebolden Meeting and any adjournment thereof and will only then be returned to the depositor on presentation of premier receipt therefor. Tomorrow’s – programme kmsau erdftieti’ American Eccentrics, with enro by fas, ftuiggles and “others. Long Murum and 14 other tribal longhouses will disappear.

The Belgian telecommunica- tions minister, Mr Elio di Rupo. According to senior Commis- sion officials, one unnamed min- ister told Mr Karel van Miert, the competition commissioner in charge of vetting the project, that failure to approve it would have political consequences in London as well as in Belfast.

Some are bred from government stock, others are mongrels from consumers and sectors of industry. Live Music Dr Bene: DJ Parties Minister Endl Click here for additional special events on Friday. Although about L2,0tH bn will be released to about 2, businesses, a fur- ther 13, businesses will still be waiting far payment.

Unice has identified Eeu The drawback to date, however, has been that PCs, sharp though they are at arithmetic; are pretty much dunces where it comes to displaying video images. In recent years 17 technical studies have been carried out on Bakun. And European politicians cannot ignore entirely a global tide of ideas that strongly favours free markets and personal liberty. Slaughtered and forcibly relo- cated during imperial Russian and.

Wired aims to be the essential accessary far a generation brought up with the personal computer, electronic games and e-mail. At the Debenturehokleis Meeting, each holder of Debentures will have one’ ehdo for each Cdn. Last month the commission pub- lished a green paper on premiers com- munications intended to open the development of the mobile sector towards the personal communica- tions tnass market Europe has only about 8m sub- scribers to mobile cellular tele- phones.

However, the study says both countries suffer from “far-reach- ing labour market regulation, insufficient training and retrain- ing. He has emphasised job creation, rais- ing social investment to 15 per cent of GDP and subsidising agriculture, much which has been, hit hard by lower tariffs.

Now It Is one of the most exclusive retreats in the Caribbean.

But two years ago, in the light of increasing competition, it derided to raise the bar. ThS year there wsre: