They run into all sorts of trouble and even with the Magical Angels. Akari decides to help Sara with her experiments and learns that she is in the middle of trying to create a shrinking spell to turn the Jewelpets she turned big back to their normal size. They find out that the can make any spell and is 10 times more powerful than their original magic powers. As soon as the match starts Alma sends a blast of dark energy toward Sara but it turns at the last minute and captures the orb. After Ruby and Labra wake Akari up and Opal shows her the memories of back when Alma, Yuuma, And their mother were all together in a field of flowers. She tries to use it on the magic mirror in hopes of finding the real hiding place of battest but the dragon of the spring appears instead and tries to stop her and just as Alma strikes Opal arrives and tries to stop her but is accidentally reduced to a Jewelcharm in which Akari picks up. The headmaster buys another magic item from the magic mail order called ten-pin-chan.

Many matches fly by, and the preliminaries are over. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rald is searching for the “Sparkling Round Thingy” for him to make his wish and find his partner. Yuuma along with Labra get dragged to where Alma is and Akari is trapped in an attempt to consume her life as well. Garnet and Sango want to cheer her up so they make a concert for Miria, but sadly no one came because they are busy. Jewelina knew that both of them had a strong bond with each other even though they were away for so long.

Akari is unsure whether she should attend the magic academy and consults Ruby about it but is interrupted by her sister’s arrival. The dragon, the witch, Halite, and the headmaster all try to stop battest but it proves to be too difficult a task so the others all ask what they can do to help seal battest.

Akari followed her to town and asked about it, but then had an argument and Ruby runs off again as Akari followed her. Akari finally in Junior High School along with Alma and Yuma and also receiving a letter, Miria becoming a famous singer after winning the competition, Leon winning the Fencing tournament in the Olympics and became a good politician, Nicola winning the Junior Piano Competition and Sara finally became happy after meeting with her parents.

But they can only do it once. 91 prize is that three of any wish they want will be granted. They both found Laiya and Jill and surprisingly, Ruby recognized the both of them before she cast a spell trapping Akari and Sara into a void along with Ruby, Labra and Sapphie.

Jewelpet Twinkle. 23. Le mystérieux magicien

Miria and Akari end up twinle into each other and they are both taken back to the episove school building by Francsis to face off against Alma once again who is curious about Akari’s powers. Just when they were about to reach their climax the rose they were riding wilts and Akari and the rest end up transforming to save everyone allowing them to finish the story.


Angelina and Miria are in a “Dress Up” match. They then challenge the girls to a match in which whoever makes the better wedding dress wins and Leon is to be the judge. As Akari accepts Ruby, a Jewel Charm appears on her hand and she realizes eepisode she was chosen by Ruby to be her partner. Akari just finished her recent manga and goes to Jewel Land for the annual festival which is held every 4 years.

The rest of the gang arrives and try to persuade Alma but she leaves and Akari follows her and just as Alma was about to send her away to a place where she’ll never be found she stops and flees.

jewelpet Twinkle. l’hésitation – Vidéo dailymotion

While battling it out Akari and Miria talk about their time together and in the end Akari gets the orb. It’s Akari’s birthday but she’s spending her time alone. Akari than finds out about a withered plant Sara keeps which is later explained to be a gift from her parents francaais when she first moved to the dormitory but episodr got so busy with her experiments that she forgot about it and it withered.

She vows to find battest so she can become a better magician than Jewelina and wake up her mother so they can all live as a happy family again.

Jewelpet Twinkle. La colère d’Alma – Vidéo dailymotion

Akari was amazed that Alma is very popular in school, and a lot of clubs were offering her to join. Later at the school the Jewelpets notice their partners Francaks sparkling brighter than ever before inside their heart and with a little help from Jewelina they are able to give their partners their Jewelstones back because Jewelstones come from within their hearts and they will never truly disappear.

Back in Jewel Land battest completely envelops Alma and she swears that she’ll steal both Akari’s and Fealina’s magic scaring Diana.

Frqncais was Akari, making the headmasters remember their first love made them win. Upon finding out the truth and being inspired by how fracais her sister works she runs to where Yuuma is and confesses her feeling to him allowing the light in her Jewelcharm to return and brighter than francai.

After talking to him and seeing the ship he just finished she realizes just how cool her father really is. Akari arrives but Alma doesn’t let her say a word and casts her away along with Opal leaving Ruby and Frwncais behind. Even though Nicola lost, he was happy to be in the Grand Prix with Titana. Akari uses the smile spell she learned from the memories of Opal to melt all the ice earning her 2 more Jewelstones making her a 5th grader. Marianne won but in the end she told the judges that she cheated.


Not wanting her to be consumed by battest Alma, Yuuma, Labra, and Ruby all chant Fealina’s smile spell together freeing Akari who uses the spell and brings back Diana and Opal and repels battest from Jewel Land once and for all with a little help from her friends of course.

CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor. Ruby transform both her and Akari into different people and they enter the studio where her sister is filming.

Akari tries to figure out why the witch hates Rarerare so much and due to picture of boy with a scar on his eyebrow and her pet who also has a scar in the exact same place, them having the same name, and a manga she read in the beginning of the episode she believes the reason the witch hate the Rarerare is because a Rarerare turned her love into her pet and tries with all her might to turn him back and Nicola later joins in.

Yuuma is busy with the basketball club as usual as she then heard the club members discussing how plain Akari’s story in her manga is.

But they also found out that wpisode Mushroom people were in a big argument and they need to reunite them. When Alma tries to do the same thing Sara manages to capture her spell and analyzes it to try to find a weak point but before she could it breaks free rpisode instead Sara decomposes it into bubbles much to the surprise of Alma and the crowd.

To take her mind off it, Akari decides to go the magic academy, learning that while she is in Jewel Land time in her world will stop.

Later, Ruby and Akari go to class and learn that Labra has no partner of her own and she has some secret powers. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Akari can’t get over what happened the previous day and asks Yuuma if he knows a boy named Alma or at least has a relative that look a lot like him be he doesn’t even know what she’s talking about so she heads to Jewel Land.

Sara performs an experiment on some Jewelpets and the next morning a new teacher is introduced named Sulfur who is later put in his place by Sara.