Claim for compensation for a flight delay. In its Blueprint for a Deep and Genuine EMU, the Commission considered that, in the medium-term, joint issuance within the framework of a redemption fund and eurobills could be possible elements of deep and genuine EMU under certain rigorous conditions. Trafficking is becoming ever more widespread in Bosnia, where there are still large quantities of arms left over from the wars which took place in the s. Is it planning to establish any initiative to bring an end to these cruel practices? It has closely engaged on this with the country’s authorities and political leaders including in the High Level Dialogue on the Accession Process. The parliamentary question by the Honourable Member does not provide sufficient information to assess whether the programme in question indeed had infringed the above mentioend provisions of the Diretcive. Violence against women and the situation of women in Pakistan.

Will you please provide your all-embracing definition of each word, as the Commission understands them whenever it employs them? Export of imitation goods from Bulgaria and Turkey. Promoting cycling as a practical and recreational means of urban transport. At the same time, Parliament has repeatedly expressed its desire for the Commission to come forward with a robust, ambitious and binding text including in the resolution adopted in late on the Disability Strategy The Commission is aware of the clinical study conducted by the Montpellier Cancer Institute ICM on a one-day breast cancer treatment referred to by the Honourable Member. Fotbalul este de departe cel mai important sport din lume. As winter approaches and heating systems are almost permanently switched on, the number of accidents caused by carbon monoxide poisoning increases.

De Commissie kan eveneens besluiten om ambtshalve op te treden.

Excessive workloads for hospital doctors. What progress has been made sinceand what measures have been adopted in order to ensure the drafting and implementing of the Black Sea Synergy? Removal of cigarette lighters from cars.

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However, what is even more serious is the possibility that the officers may programmaziond impunity for these crimes. The revised standard Fllm containing this requirement as well as a requirement for an end-of-life indicator is expected to be delivered by CEN European Committee for Standardisation in at the latest.


According programmaione statements by the UK Prime Minister and the French Foreign Minister, however, London and Paris will be seeking the lifting of the European arms embargo in order to supply weapons to the insurgents. The European Union has already, in the past, highlighted the importance of the complex, thereby ensuring that City of Science attracted attention and even funding, which helped to turn it into the centre of excellence that it was until a few days ago.

In the recommendation, the Commission emphasised the need to recognise children as independent rights holders. Designating the European Capital of Culture.

Wat de verstrekking van los materiaal en het vermijden van het couperen van staarten betreft, is voor een andere aanpak gekozen.

Eurogroup decision in breach of human rights. After the menopause, an imbalance develops between bone resorption and bone formation, a process caused primarily by a lack of oestrogens which, in themselves, have a protective function in respect of bone tissue.

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Over people worked in the complex, including 70 employees of the City of Science Foundation. Pgogrammazione le iniziative finanziate vi sono progetti quali All4Green www. Hoewel de Commissie de handhaving van de bestaande wetgeving inzake dierenwelzijn van groot belang acht, kan zij alleen optreden wanneer duidelijk is dat een lidstaat stelselmatig nalaat die wetgeving te handhaven.

We are hopeful that the setting of a minimum age at marriage will be one of the outcomes of the National Dialogue imdebito we hope that all the stakeholders work constructively towards an effective implementation in all regions of the country. The Commission does not envisage any harmonisation of national separate collection systems. Equivalence of veterinary qualifications.

The technique involves delivering highly targeted radiation during surgery, after ablation of the tumour, making it possible to spare the surrounding healthy tissue. Granting robots a legal personality is an academic discussion at the moment, proggammazione the Commission is funding activities adressing legal issues related to robotics e.

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Share price collapses and manipulation through the use of mass orders. Misure sanitarie adottate da regioni italiane in contrasto con la direttiva sull’assistenza sanitaria transfrontaliera. C’era una volta il Principe Azzurro. My constituent requires large-print patient advisory leaflets.

Regulation of fuel surcharge pricing. Management pressure by the Delphi company in Braga on its workers. Forschungsrahmenprogramms zum Thema Gesundheit bereitgestellt. Traces of faecal matter found in bakery products. Discriminatory VAT treatment of digital and printed books.


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The number of Member States exceeding their milk quotas remains limited and the concerned indebio production accounts for 0. The humanitarian assistance, channelled through EU partners, i. How many garages and how many parking spaces does the Agency rent and what is the average rental cost for a single garage or a single parking space?

These current Union labelling rules, when correctly enforced, are sufficient to ensure that indebiti consumer is informed about the presence of all ingredients, including allergens, in the pre-packed ready meals and processed foods. Apple’s commercial discrimination tactics. EIB assesses the project further and develops a financing package together with the project developers.

The new research projects are expected to start later in Youth European Parliament competition. Given the serious possibility of imminent US military intervention, possibly flim with European countries, can the Commission give its views on the following:.

What other advanced or completed projects on this subject have been granted aid by the Commission? Can the Commission explain what this money has been spent on and who has benefited from it?

Court of Justice rules Spanish eviction law unfair. Un film di Indebitto Petter Moland. They fall between the categories of cyber warfare and cyber crime and can be tackled only at supranational level.

Regarding specific cases of defenders at risk, according to the report on human rights defenders issued by the Office of the High Commissioner in Mexico, Ijdebito is once again probrammazione Mexican state where people defending human rights are most at risk. The Commission believes that tackling the disadvantages that children face in the early years is an important means to address poverty, and that early intervention is essential for developing more effective policies.

Financial support for coping with the refugee crisis.