This is used to record talk-oriented shows so that you can listen to more in less time, with no loss in comprehension. Uncheck this option to make a right-click display the options menu instead. Continuous recording works by setting the schedule to record from midnight to midnight 7 days per week. Choose which days to record the show. Split Shoutcast MP3 streams into individual songs: Delete the selected log file. To have songs added automatically to iTunes, click the Output tab, and tick Add to iTunes.

For archived shows where the feed ends, checking this option prevents tuning into the same feed again. The URL of the show to record. Choose how the audio is to be recorded. You can capture from the Internet, or from a variety of devices like TV Tuner cards, Webcams, or radios – just about anything attached to your computer. When a sync occurs, any files older than the specified number of days will be deleted on both the PC folder and the device folder. This is really handy for listening to long programs. FAQ and Tech Support: If you have a device like a radio or police scanner attached to your PC, you’ll need a dual male headphone adapter as shown here:.

Choose the time when you want to stop recording. Tune to selected station. For example, set this to 60 to make a separate file for each hour of your favorite show.

Here are some of the benefits:. Keep copy of Original File After Converting: Test Alternate Recording Methods: Here’s all the shortcuts:. Sound Mixer Use these settings for reconfiguring Audio Method recordings.


To make just new shows appear in a Playlist, add the following idf3 Open the User Guide. Connect Via default Dial-up Connection: To record, you need to make sure Microphone or Line In recording is selected using the Windows Volume control. This is set up using the Sync option in the Settings menu.

Uncheck this option to make a right-click display the options menu instead. Or, go to 32 Schedule tab to schedule a recording session later. Pick a folder where your recorded shows are to be saved.

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Stream Capture works by making a digital copy of the stream sent from the server. This lets you test the dial-up connection to be sure it is working properly.

Open the Media Guide for browsing or adding shows. Specify how often to check or new Podcasts. Tuning For recording shows broadcast over the Internet using the Audio Record methods, you can specify how to tune them as follows: Open the New Recording Wizard. Select the active sound card driver to record from. Edit all the properties and recording options for this show. Back to Top Organizing Shows You can change the order which your scheduled shows appear on the main screen, either by sorting shows, or rearranging them manually.

Choose View to view the contents of that folder. Think of Audio Recording as an alternative if Stream Capture fails.


You can specify how you want the names of recorded files to appear. Makes a new track or MP3 file automatically after a period of time.

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Plus, each song is recorded as a separate MP3 file, and the song information is added to that file. For Capture by Recording Audio Outputthe following options are present: These buttons make it easy to select multiple days to record shows.

Tune for Live TV: Other File Naming Format: The Applian Technical Support Team is delighted when you send along a log file upon submitting a support request. Dive in and enjoy!

The following codes are available: Depending upon your version of Windows, make sure that the Select box for both Microphone and Line-In are checked, and make sure that Mute is unchecked. The proper adapter is usually chosen automatically, but you can override the setting here.

Enter the name of the Playlist. Some internet audio cannot be recorded via Stream Capture, and for those cases, the Audio Recording method captures audio that plays over your PC’s speakers. Click on the show entry to continuously record, and select Properties from the pop-up menu.