However I’m not sure how popular it is in Japan, I haven’t touched the light novels either. The comedy elements come when he tries to do right by people, but no matter what good he does, everyone always thinks that he is pretending or just doing what a demon king would to confuse or trick them. Tooru Kokonoe is one of the persons who can activate Blaze – the materialization of the soul becoming a weapon. How long can he fight his fate, or will he give in to his destiny? Trinity Seven TV Series Bouichirou Yamato 7 episodes, February 1, — March 29, [1].

I don’t know why you think that it only covers the first one. Retrieved December 12, Trinity Seven TV Series But then again a lot of anime’s like to do this. The first season was rushed. I would love for there to be a second season but what would it be about?

Ichiban ushiro no daimaou

Start your free trial. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 7 Januaryat Michie Ootake 7 episodes, Kaoru Mizuhara I really wish it had been longer or slowed over multiple seasons.

Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. The show felt rushed, a lot more could have been done with it. The series ended in the February issue of Champion Red. Search for ” Ichiban ushiro no daimaou ” on Amazon. I would love a season two of this Anime.

I watched season one over the course of two days. However I’m not sure how popular it is in Japan, I haven’t touched the light novels either.


That being said, I really enjoyed it and wouldn’t pass up on a second serving of it. A manga adaptation began monthly serialization in the September issue of Akita Shoten ‘s magazine Champion Redand a episode anime adaptation by Artland aired between April and June on Tokyo MX and other channels.

To become a Slayer who wields this Hundred, Hayato Kisaragi successfully enrolls in the marine More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: A Second Season with a romance ending. The rest of the students don’t exactly welcome this news either and he is either feared or hated by everyone.

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Tskune accidentally gets on a bus to a school of monsters. Korone 12 episodes, Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

Help improve our database by adding background information here. Running into these one season shows over an over is depressing.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou special episode 2

Spring TV Artland. While Akuto is determined to not let his predicted future control his fate, it seems as though daimau he says and does only serve to reinforce the fact that he is destined to be the Demon King. Trinity Seven TV Series Fujiko and a horde of demon beasts destroy the school grounds while Akuto realizes he cannot heal the woulds from Yamato’s attack. Aug 27, 3: Junko Hattori 12 episodes, Tsubasa Yonaga Each volume in the series are called Acts.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. Two drama CDs produced by Edge Records were released.


Very ecchi, with lots of pantsu and nudity and a reasonable amount of action,there’s definitely fun to be had here, even if it gets confusing towards the end Bouichirou Yamato 7 episodes, Hiroshi Miwa 12 episodes, Anime and Manga portal. The last 3 or 4 episodes did feel quite rushed, but it was still engliwh great show.

Eiko Teruya 7 episodes, Ayana Taketatsu Edit Storyline One of the most promising students of the Wizard academy takes a career assessment test and the results say that he’ll become a demon king. Full Cast and Crew. Moreover, he is surrounded by a harem of beautiful girls who each have their own plans for him, ranging from bringing him to justice to simply showering him with love.

After those who survive and return are Shy and awkward, but moral and seasob late teenager Minato, after failing to get into college again, runs into Musubi, a girl his age who surprises him with her superhuman abilities. Overture to a New War Mushishi: Was this review helpful to you? Hundred is the only weapon that can counter the mysterious Savage life form attacking Earth.

The Revolution — Legend of the Galactic Heroes: I would really glad to watch.