Sam says she will help them book their own gig. The gang later try to find a suitable adult friend for Spencer and also try to solve a case for Sam’s missing laptop. Then again, it might have ended up being a rehash of “iAm Your Biggest Fan” or something. The friends also can’t stand Spencer because of his childish nature. This is the th produced episode of iCarly. One Direction as themselves. Then, T-Bo appears inside a tiny flying bubble and transports them all in it.

A bit different from Hollywood Arts High School, no? The sad part is that this story had potential. Benson and unplug it, but Spencer isn’t able to pull the plug out of the outlet before the machine runs out of corn, so Mrs. The exploding phaser blows up the tub, and Chip gets thrown back by the explosion and glued to the elevator’s doors. All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from January Use mdy dates from June Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter Articles containing potentially dated statements from All articles containing potentially dated statements. You’re better than this. She busted him for faking it, but just imagine how many people would’ve killed to be in her place.

Despite Carly’s initial reluctance, Carly receives supportive encouragement from everyone and accepts the offer. It also doesn’t help that Spencer’s new friends are very uninteresting. I don’t know what to say. Meanwhile, Frieends has a broken leg after wearing roller blades in the shower despite having been warned by Carly not to.

After watching her for eleven hours, they figure out where she lives and go to her apartment, breaking down the door. Lisa Lillien as Mrs. Later on, while they are at Groovie Smoothie, Dana invites Carly to her party, and Carly couldn’t be any happier, but Sam knows that Dana is up to something. Apparently, he has barely any adult friends and would rather spend time playing tennis ifimd kids younger than Carly herself.

They definitely have that right after all these frkends, but now I’m thinking of what it would be like if they built an entire story around Stone. Jimmy Fallon invites the iCarly kids to perform live on his show in New York, but a major frienrs malfunction from Gibby means big trouble for the web show’s future. The gang later try to find a suitable adult friend for Spencer and also try to solve a case for Sam’s missing laptop.


iCarly – S 6 E 9 – iFind Spencer Friends – video dailymotion

After returning from vacation, Carly falls ill with “Jungle Worms”, but feels better after two days, although she is still contagious. He then makes one that shoots corn at intruders, but it malfunctions and accidentally attacks Carly, Freddie and Spencer.

I still enjoy the show as much as I have from the start. So Carly could video-chat with her father, Colonel Steven Shay, on his birthday. However, when he gets there, he finds out they are worthless since the arcade switched to electronic points.

This is the th produced episode of iCarly. This is the series finale.

This is a special one-hour episode. Then Freddie comes up with a plan to impress other girls and they could form a fake band. Retrieved 1 April If Henry Danger had this plotline, we would just have to lay back and accept it. The gang heads upstairs to the studio to stream their last iCarly webcast together, with Colonel Shay present.

She gets him to come over to her apartment, but he tries to act cool, which Carly does not like. Because of this, they angrily split up to find out who the purple robot is. The animation in the cartoon that was shown in the opening scene parodies South Park.

United States Copyright Office. Meanwhile, Freddie and Gibby discover being in a band has many perks… and a few drawbacks. Later, Freddie tells Sam, Carly and Gibby that he has received an e-mail from the manager of boyband One Direction whom Gibby appears to be a massive fan ofsaying that they are in the Seattle area and would like to perform a song on iCarly.

Spencer agrees, but instead sprays cream on his butt before everyone leaves.

This episode was mainly named “iGot Jungle Worms”. To comfort Carly, Spencer asks to take Carly to the dance, and she accepts. It’s like they had no ideas for that scene and they were pressed for time so caast just had the cast do and say whatever while they film cas. That’s usually how this story works. Spencer’s birthday is coming up and Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby think that since Spencer has had fights with T-Bo, been kicked out of places and hangs out with too many people younger than him, he needs some friends his own age.


Lisa Lillien as Mrs.

iFind Spencer Friends

Meanwhile, Spencer and Sam work together to fix a motorcycle for Socko, but Sam gets to keep after he no longer needs it, Freddie gets a phone that is twice the size of a regular phone constantly getting teased by everyone for it and Gibby gets his head stuck in a machine when he gets a new head to make up for the one he lost in Las Vegas.

One Direction as themselves. It is the only episode in which Xpencer and Spencer’s father appears. Dan Schneider creatorJake Farrow. Happy Birthday Debby Ryan! This is the only episode in the season where T-Bo doesn’t appear. After Harry Styles drinks from Carly’s water bottle, he gets Jungle Worms from Carly and wpencer she takes care of Harry and he icaarly still in bed after a week, much longer than Carly was sick for, making Sam believe that Harry is not actually sick any more and just wants the attention.

I always thought he took a shit on them or produced some kind of bodily fluid that could blend in well with the chili fries. After Carly and Sam feel they have their revenge, they realize Nevel was right behind sspencer, happily watching Freddie get jerked.

Nevel finally feels he has had his revenge for the”iCarlys” not regaining his popularity cash the incident with the man in a wheelchair.

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Bushwell after Spencer forgot to pay their rent after they moved in, and Carly accidentally stabbed him. In the meantime, a waiter is insulted when the iCarly gang tease him and sabotages their food, which is accidentally passed to the three friends, who later get sick.

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