Find Adam Dunning at the amazons When I first wrote the film the little kid was supposed to be a boy, but we ended up changing when we had a drop out. Toe’s parents decide to work on the marketing plan together and Mr. They are going to be releasing the first issue in April. So that also inspired me to get on the ball of things going. The script I had written to what we filmed was just amazing to see the written atmosphere come to life and see the real life setup.

My first project was a zombie flick that I made with all family and friends to graduate from college. The Adventures of the Wishing Rock”. Hel wishes that Cole would turn into a dung beetle and then loses the rock. Illuminaughty – Halloween: So this movie I was able to do a lot more and actually give an approach as a director this time around. Thank you for the review for hypnophobia. All locations were found by a local visit to the police station in my hometown and then having awesome family members to allow us to film at their house.

It was different for me, since I never filmed a short film! She also tells them the rock could destroy the Earth because of all of the petty wishes they make. Although it all worked out and came together great. Rivers and she had to come in for a day of filming which was our last day, and let me just say this she got the script a few days prior to filming. Black changes the Black Box into the more environmentally friendly Green Box.


Ethan Maniquis Robert Rodriguez. For the ones who did see the film was shocked with how well it was put together, especially for the amount of days we filmed and how quick the script was written.

Ballistic by Ryan Connolly | Action Short Film

So being on a level of friendship with her and basically being family, she is a funny and very talented little kid. And how did you find your locations?

The site’s critical consensus reads, ” Shorts has imagination and energy, but most viewers beyond elementary school will likely tire of the kiddie humor and sensory overload. Retrieved 25 September Must hypnolhobia over 18 to go there! They are assigned by Mr. That did not stop me from making the film, just not able to have it play with other films.

Olivia Kuttrubis – IMDb

The shoot was a lot of hypnopobia, well it was a very short shooting schedule. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The rock is found by Mr. My second film which was LaughterI had a whole new cast I did not know. If anything happens during the film let me know.

Hypnophobia – Experimental Short Film by Brian Seo

What can you tell us sgort critical and audience reception of your film so far? Anyways for a long time he used to be a prison guard, so he taught me what to do and how things really would be in a prison. Any future projects you’d like to share? Then some minor stuff was shot in a room right outside the cells.

Fklm would you describe your directorial approach to your subject at hand? Which I thought was a huge expansion to my belt to be offered to do something like that. Other inspirations that I think get all filmmakers going, is the talent and work you see from all others. So for a response so far it was good! Nose picks his nose against his father’s wishes and accidentally flicks the booger into his father’s radioactive work study. All locations were found by a local visit to the police station in my hometown and then having awesome family members to allow us to film at their house.


H is for Hypnophobia Figaro Pho

From Dusk Till Dawn 2: I uploaded the film a second time and this time it has played right through. When a young girl Olivia Kuttrubis begins to appear at night, she begins on her sessions with Dr. Then following in October it will be playing once again at the Austin Indie Flix Showcasewhich is put on my Fiilm Dolphin Flix and a good friend of mine James Christopher [ James Christopher interview – click here hypnophobis.

When we filmed Erin stayed in her cell for a flm portion of the filming process. All my cast I cannot say who was better than the other, because there wasn’t. Bomba the Jungle Boy.

She is a little trooper and definitely a funny kid to work with. TV for a live video chat!