Because you’re making my dick thirsty. This is mostly just supposed to be a demented homage to trashy 70s exploitation flicks, and in that regard, it is highly successful, and not only that, but it firmly earns its place amongst the films it is paying tribute to. Some may argue that Hobo with a Shotgun encapsulates a joke worn thin, but the B-movie energy that pulses through the veins of this beast is not to be denied. Action , Comedy , Horror , Thriller ,. Nick Bateman II as Ivan. Hobo With a Shotgun Audible Download Audio Books.

Hobo with a Shotgun When the legend of the Crow returns Jimmy from the dead, Jimmy heads out on a one-man path of vengeance that will lead him to El Nino, the leader of the gang that Luc and Lola are in. Retrieved November 8, This section needs expansion. Seeing that the police will kill the people they failed to protect against the criminals, the Hobo tells the Drake that on their upcoming ride to Hell “I’ve got shotgun,” and blows his head off. She has no idea what this ride has in store for her! Molly Dunsworth as Abby. Audible Download Audio Books.

The Hobo kills him and Abby smuggles The Hobo past a group in a shopping cart covered with the cop’s remains.

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Store Clerk Loretta Yu This movie was originally a fake trailer in ‘Grindhouse’ and it is very much a 70’s style exploitation film even down to being filmed in Technicolor. Hobo with a Shotgun. She has no idea what this ride has in store for her! Post Share on Facebook. The brothers and the chief carve “scum” into his chest and throw him into a garbage bin. Jason EisenerCountry: From the ashes of a true hero–the technologically-advanced, Turbo Rider–a modern defender sshotgun rise in a post-apocalypticwhen Kid, a die-hard comic aficionado, stumbles upon his beloved idol’s high-tech justice-enforcing gear.


Mayhem ensues when he tries to make things better for the future generation. Ivan and Slick enter and attack the two, wounding Abby. Retrieved February 5, Rutger Hauer gives a solid performance as the Hobo, and actually delivers delivers some moie that help elevate the film from being purely a trashy exploitation fest.

Wishing to buy a lawnmower in a pawn shopthe Hobo begs for change on a sidewalk. Hobo with a Shotgun yobo, directed by Jason Eisenerwas initially a fake trailer made for an international contest to promote the release of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez ‘s double feature Grindhouse. Articles to be expanded from November All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes.

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Archived from the original on There, he learns of the police chief’s corruption and complicity in criminal activities. Rutger Hauer Talks Hobo with a Shotgun”. There’s a bit of room for some subtext, and you wouldn’t have to do a whole lot of reaching to make your case in that regard.

This page was last edited on 17 Februaryat ActionComedyHorrorThrillerActor: HD The Last Sharknado: Written by Todd Baldridge. Both groups shoot each other, while the Hobo dies and Abby’s screams are heard. The crew filmed the backdrop of the zombie apocalypse, the real zombie invasion is underway. Intentionally trashy, gritty, and ultra-violent, this piece of exploitation homage is as good as anyone could expect from a movie titled ‘Hobo With a Shotgun’.


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Jul 14, Rating: Chris Weber Super Reviewer. Alliance Films Magnet Releasing. Molly Dunsworth as Abby. All of the violence is ridiculous and over the top and almost non stopbut while most of it is supposed to be lighter in tone, some of it actually does become truly sick and disturbing tonally.

When life gives you razor blades, you make a baseball bat covered in razor blades. Full Cast and Crew. Already have an account? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They burn a school bus filled with children — who are friendly to hobos — and burst into a television station, killing the anchorman during a live broadcast — who had expressed his appreciation of the hoobo they demand that all tull people be killed.

Ful prepares to kill her, but the Hobo knocks him unconscious and carries him to the police station. When the legend of the Crow returns Jimmy from the dead, Jimmy heads out on a one-man path of vengeance that will lead him to El Nino, the leader of the gang that Luc and Lola are in. Captain Marvel First Reactions: