B Patients with indeterminate nodules who have bilateral nodular disease, those with significant medical comorbidities, or those who prefer to undergo bilateral thyroidectomy to avoid the possibility of requiring a future surgery on the contralateral lobe, may undergo total or near-total thyroidectomy, assuming completion thyroidectomy would be recommended if the indeterminate nodule proved malignant following lobectomy. Intraoperative evaluation, with or without frozen section, can occasionally confirm malignancy at the time of lobectomy allowing for conversion to total thyroidectomy if indicated. PTC discovered by cytology in early pregnancy should be monitored sonographically. What is the nodule’s pattern of US imaging characteristics? In the 20 years it took to finally get Black Panther made, dozens of different actors were up for the lead roles. The laryngeal exam should be performed in the previously noted high-risk settings, but it can be performed in other patients based on the surgeon’s judgment. High suspicion of malignancy is warranted with a solid hypoechoic nodule or a solid hypoechoic component in a partially cystic nodule with one or more of the following features:

Full Cast and Crew. Important intraoperative findings and details of postoperative care should be communicated by the surgeon to the patient and other physicians who are important in the patient’s postoperative care. An irregular margin indicates the demarcation between nodule and parenchyma is clearly visible but demonstrates an irregular, infiltrative or spiculated course. For example, the interval for follow-up sonography for a nodule that is hypoechoic and taller than wide should be shorter than that for an isoechoic solid nodule with smooth borders. Moreover, we anticipate that the future iterations of these guidelines will likely incorporate further refinements to the system, or even possible adoption of another system, if it is superior and feasible to execute by contributing physicians. There is some evidence that this approach may reclassify many of these patients into the benign and nondiagnostic categories , Routine measurement of serum thyroglobulin Tg for initial evaluation of thyroid nodules is not recommended. Ryosuke Morimi voice Leah Clark

A cost-effectiveness analysis suggested that calcitonin screening would be cost effective in the United States Intermediate suspicion of malignancy is attached to a hypoechoic solid nodule with a smooth regular margin, but without microcalcifications, extrathyroidal extension, or taller than wide shape Fig.

Hivashi, while most thyroid nodules meeting the preceding sonographic patterns and sizes should undergo FNA, we acknowledge that a higasi approach of active surveillance management may be appropriate as an alternative to FNA in selected patients.

The investigators further showed that individual US characteristics were not predictive for malignancy, although they did not look at sonographic patterns. Sonographic features are also useful for identifying which nodules with repeat nondiagnostic FNA cytology results are more likely to be malignant.

A recent consensus conference statement describes the relevant anatomy of the central neck compartment, delineates the nodal subgroups within the central compartment commonly involved with thyroid cancer, and defines the terminology relevant to central compartment neck dissection This system included consideration of the following methodologic elements: Similarly, Rosario et al. Thyroid lobectomy hemithyroidectomy provides subb histological diagnosis and complete tumor removal for cytologically indeterminate nodules with a lower risk of complications compared to total thyroidectomy and may be sufficient for smaller, solitary intrathyroidal nodules that ultimately prove malignant.

Since hyperfunctioning nodules rarely harbor malignancy, if one is found that corresponds to the nodule in question, no cytologic evaluation is necessary. Add the first question. The vast majority of these are subcentimeter, and FNA evaluation is generally not indicated.


These data suggest that the use of routine serum calcitonin for screening may detect C-cell hyperplasia and MTC at an earlier stage, and overall survival consequently may be improved. Because of the rapid growth of the literature on this topic, plans for revising the guidelines within approximately 4 years of publication were made nno the inception of the project.

Iodine is generally cleared within 4—8 weeks in most patients, so concern about iodine burden from IV contrast causing a clinically significant delay in subsequent whole-body scans WBSs or RAI treatment after the imaging followed by surgery is generally unfounded The role of therapeutic lymph node dissection for treatment of thyroid cancer nodal metastases is well accepted for cN1 disease— Accurate staging is important in determining the prognosis and tailoring treatment for patients with DTC.

Saki prepares for her prospective job interview, but she is rudely turned down. Aspiration with or without ethanol ablation may be considered as a therapeutic intervention if a cyst is large and symptomatic; cytology should be performed if aspiration is done.

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On the other hand, a nodule that has interrupted peripheral calcifications, in association with a soft tissue rim outside the calcification, is highly likely to be malignant, and the associated pathology may demonstrate tumor invasion in the area of disrupted calcification 79 Pertinent physical findings suggesting possible malignancy include vocal cord paralysis, cervical lymphadenopathy, and fixation of the nodule to surrounding tissue.

Spongiform and other mixed cystic solid nodules may exhibit bright reflectors on US imaging, caused by colloid crystals or posterior acoustic enhancement of the back wall of a microcystic area.

Many of these benign tumors are follicular adenomas driven by oncogenic RAS mutation with uncertain malignant potential Mo the propensity for PTC to be multifocal often involving both lobesit is not surprising that some studies have demonstrated a lower risk of loco-regional disease recurrence following total thyroidectomy as compared to thyroid lobectomy — The marginal utility of prophylactic lymph node dissection for cN0 disease argues against its application in re-operations.

Strong recommendation, Moderate-quality evidence. How large is the nodule? Ima sonnakoto kangae higahsi baai janainoni 07 May Molecular markers may be classified according to intended use; hogashi is, diagnostic classification of a disease stateprognostic, or predictive purposes providing information on the estimated probability of therapeutic benefit or harm of a specific therapy However, as much as possible, we tried to separate recommendations on the diagnostic accuracy of a test from therapeutic management based on the test result, with the latter grading being more rigorous and based on longer term outcomes whenever possible.

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Hypothyroidism is not an indication for thyroidectomy, and its use as justification for total thyroidectomy over lobectomy should be weighed against the higher risks associated with total thyroidectomy. Given the complexity of monitoring systems, training and observation of existing monitoring standards are important to provide optimal benefit Follow-up for patients with benign cytology is discussed in section [A24] and Recommendation The Bethesda system recognizes six diagnostic categories and provides an estimation of cancer risk within each category based upon literature review and expert opinion Fig.

In addition, the shortest time interval to detect higahsi and repeat the FNA was 2 years. The panel cannot recommend either for or against routine measurement of serum higsshi in patients with thyroid nodules. In addition, evidence linking sonographic features with malignancy in this subgroup of nodules is less robust, originating from univariate rather than multivariate analyses.


Performance requires an US machine, as well as an elastography computational module that most often must be purchased separately. However, another study showed that combined preoperative mapping with US and CT was superior to US alone in the preoperative detection of nodal disease, especially in the central neck Surgeon experience likely influences the risks of thyroidectomy, with higher volume surgeons having lower complication rates Recommendations related to long-term management of differentiated thyroid cancer include those related to surveillance for recurrent disease using imaging and serum thyroglobulin, thyroid hormone therapy, management of recurrent and metastatic disease, consideration for clinical trials and targeted therapy, as well as directions for future research.

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These may include patients with very low-risk tumors e. A recent comprehensive analysis of the National Cancer Data Base and SEER, however, showed a higashj but significantly increased risk of death for patients younger than 45 years with lymph node metastases compared with younger patients without involved lymph nodes, and that having incrementally more metastatic lymph nodes up to six involved nodes confers additional mortality risk in this age group The medical opinions expressed here are those of the authors, and the committee had complete editorial independence from the ATA in writing the guidelines.

However, unlike many tumor types, the presence of metastatic disease does not obviate the need for surgical excision of the primary tumor in DTC For patients in whom nodal disease is evident clinically on preoperative US and nodal FNA cytology or Tg washout measurement or at the time of surgery, surgical resection by compartmental node dissection may reduce edne risk of recurrence and possibly mortality — In some patients, the presence of the remaining lobe of the gland may obviate the lifelong need for exogenous thyroid hormone therapy.

The risk of malignancy in each of the six diagnostic categories should be independently defined at each cytology center or institution to guide clinicians on risk estimates and help choose appropriate molecular testing for patients with indeterminate cytology. If US detects cervical lymph nodes that are sonographically suspicious for thyroid cancer Table 7FNA of the suspicious lymph node should be performed for cytology and washout for Tg measurement if indicated.

Surgery performed during pregnancy is associated with greater risk of complications, longer hospital stays, and higher costs In some studies, the use of thyroid core-needle biopsy and molecular testing for BRAF episodf, or a panel of mutations helped to facilitate appropriate management of these patients, although the full clinical impact of these approaches for nodules with nondiagnostic cytology remains unknown. In one of the first studies examining the relationship between surgeon volume and thyroidectomy outcomes at a state level, Sosa et al.