Do you believe that your wrongdoings does not reach me? She wanted her to feel the same pain that she felt like a dagger in her heart, and this feeling Hurrem deserved to go through. That the flag of the osman empire is held up high in all countries, and I will put this idea to the Sultan and I am sure that Ibrahim will agree with me. One day his days are counted and he will find his end. Sultana Khadija is totally enraged and asks how this is happening and why Nigar has come to this place. And she returned it to Hurrem. What about you, why did you come? Listen, I will not allow you to play your games around me.

You fight against a great ancestry. He orders everyone except Iskandr out. Suleiman says it is upon all advisors to decide his fate. I will not allow it. She asks Sunbul Agha if the notebooks have been updated and Nigar is standing again in the place of a servant, he confirms. Ibrahim tells Helmi Pasha to be present in the Diwan meeting where the fate of Iskandr will be decided and he orders him to vote against Iskandr.

Ibrahim greets Sultan Suleiman on his arrival and welcomes him. Hurrem is pleased with Firuze but on the way they are interrupted by Mahidevran who finds it amusing that Hurrem befriends Firuze. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I advice you to stay respectful. In the spring it will be possible to regain Tabriz. I did you wrong I know but I was forced. hsrim


Hürrem Sultan leaves famous TV series

He had clear orders to prepare the way to Bagdad and not Tabriz. Kawthar says she will give notice.

She asks Sunbul Agha if the notebooks have been updated and Nigar is standing again in the place of a servant, he confirms. Take care of your actions Kawthar because your reputation has become worse. From this day on she will be my servant and she has something good with me after all the time we had together.

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Roughly half the nation’s business economists say they think the U. Suleiman is angry at Ibrahims actions. It makes no sense to put a new empire in Tabriz within the Persian land, cause even if I install you or my own son.

They will continue their life as nothing has happened and it was only you and the newborn who suffered.

Mahidevran asks Sultana Khadija if she has anything to say. Sultana are you fine. Hurrem can barely stay calm. Rustem said he died by a horse accident so himself was appointed this position. He is glad to see him well and as a trusted person someone can rely on.

Sultana Khadija is right there is no place for you to intervene in this problem. She dismisses everyone to read the letter by herself. Mahidevran becomes nervous and wants him to send her away, but he calms her down and says: Khadija was sending the letter on purpose to Hurrem. Do not think for one moment to defend those treacherous bastards, there is epiode witness. I quit the job when I heard that Ibrahim asked Sultan of his presence, and soon he will arrive you should be prepared.


The only right thing about Uzerli is that she had psychological problems. Mahidevran accuses Nigar how she can behave as nothing has happened and returns after she has been thrown out of the castle, she shuts Sunbul down without letting him say anything.

I will allow her stay until the Sultan returns.

The episodr is changing. Further summaries Season 3 Episode Since Uzerli left the series and went to Berlin, many things have been written about her.

Hürrem Sultan leaves famous TV series

You are afraid, that he will return to her as he was happy with her. I know that you threaten the other girls because only in this way can you control them. But I want to solve this problem as soon as possible. Listen carefully, if you want to flee I will do the impossible to help you out and this is a promise.