Niko 1 episode, Cariye 29 5 episodes, Ozan Daggez Sokollu Mehmed Pasha 18 episodes, Fencer 1 episode, Mihrimah Sultan 30 episodes, Suikastci’s Brother 1 episode, Esra Akkaya

Cariye 15 13 episodes, Aybige’s Nedime 3 episodes, Views Read Edit View history. Princess Isabella Fortuna 13 episodes, The series is part of a wave of Turkish soap operas that have become popular in Chilean TV. The Sultan believes that Mustafa has betrayed him when he sees his son’s seal on the letter and decides to execute Mustafa, ordering him to join him on his campaign against Safavid Persia. Piri Reis 1 episode,

Geo Kahani claims that it was the channel’s most popular show [15] and received the highest TRPs.

Fransiz Elci 1 episode, Hadim Suleyman Pasha 24 episodes, Meanwhile, Mihrimah leaves the palace. Carmina 13 episodes, Bali Bey’s Brother 2 episodes, Cariye 3 33 episodes, Fransiz Elci 1 episode, Ersun Erdogan Yenier Cariye 12 40 episodes, Marina Petzaschevici Retrieved 30 April Antuan 2 episodes, Mehmet Ulay Sinan Pasa 27 episodes, Retrieved 25 October Antuan 2 episodes, Retrieved 12 December Dervis 1 episode, Tanem Kaya Retrieved 12 September Sehzade Bayezid 36 episodes, Daye Hatun 73 episodes, Fatih Al Hasan 2 episodes, Kardinal 1 episode, Korkmaz Polat Fatma Hatun 35 episodes, Defterdar 11 episodes, Burcu Yasa Atmaca 36 episodes, Merve Bolugur Rum Dilber 1 episode, The show generated controversy and complaints from some viewers, for what they referred to as a “disrespectful”, “indecent” and “hedonistic” portrayal of the historical sultan.


Kuyumcu 2 episodes, Aysen Salatan Bali Bey’s Brother 2 episodes, Vural Yayan The Shah hands Bayezid and his sons hraim to Selim, who orders hzrim execution. Muskaci Hatun 1 episode, Alper Kul Kont Leonard 1 episode, Terzi 2 episodes, Helena 18 episodes, Serhan Onat Defterdar 2 episodes, Miray Sahin Zal Mahmut 11 episodes, Archived from the original on April 4, at Rustem Pasa 38 episodes, Cariye 20 2 episodes, Cariye 21 1 episode, Retrieved 21 September Ayse Hatun 12 episodes, Sermet Yesil Cevher 6 episodes, Cariye 26 9 episodes, Burak Demir Cariye 28 4 episodes, Sinan Pasa 27 episodes, Hilmicem Intepe Retrieved 7 November Alvise Gritti Eepisode 9 episodes, Greek Servant 3 episodes, Ciftlik Hanimi 1 episode, I am the fun who loves the make most out of each moment.

Following his return, the Sultan tells his mother that she is not capable of leading the harem.

Esnaf 2 episodes, Alper Banko During the rebellion provoked by the Valide’s spy, one of the slaves is accused of stealing gold and the innocent girl burns herself.


Ferhat Agha 13 episodes, Gizem Irez