Well that opinion obviously can’t be as legitimate as my own superior one, so they’re obviously just “drinking the Kool-aid. I agree with u about Lord Park. I was thinking oh my gosh.. I don’t mind the repeating storylines because it seems the director is gently misdirecting us to think that Chung Jo and Kang Chi are the fated pair. Nothing to do with prettiness. You are just like my son. Despite already knowing about Tae-soo stabbing Kang-chi thanks spoilery preview , it still came as a shock.

All in all that scene was so random, even though, I can understand why it was needed it was so randomly inserted. And damn I wanted to beat Ivoire: He wants to help TS take care of the inn. When we have seen that kind of behavior from adult actors, it is because they are physically attracted to the other person, and they are aware of it or becoming aware of it. To say that he only does well when acting with veteran actors, in the previous episode when KC looked at CJ’s family being happy together from a distance, he was amazing there as well and he was alone. Haha, poor monk, totally agree with you. Lee Seung Gi Main Cast.

However despite some flaws in this episode, I’m looking forward to the next episode as the familly begins its phase of misery. Remember that KC hesitated returning to the inn when his servant came looking for him on the night of GW’s arrival. Feels my heart like breaking….

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LOL, True, I just cannot root for her Iam trying and her wacking him on his head all the time is annoying. Jun 25, at 6: The top two shows are pretty close, with Gu Family Book still in the lead at Thank you for the fast recap GF!


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I’m starting to like Lee Soon-shin more now that he’s more tied into the main storyline as another of Kang-chi’s protectors. Chung-jo receives a little pouch, with the message that Kang-chi came by epsrama in the morning to leave this for her.

When the scene showed in the episode, It turn out disappointed, ‘that’s not bok I thought it’ll shoot to’, I thought. Please come outside now. But unfortunately, I also see lots of fans of LSG doing the same here and elsewhere.

Recap: Gu Family Book Episode 5 [Complete]

SJ just tells him to not be in the inn tonight. KC is episide but thinks its pretty girly of Dam to send him medicine. At first i thought he had some sort of traumatic experience to make him forget his past lol. Both ladies have been smart and strong and in totally different ways and it’s awesome. Lee Hye In Faamily Cast. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The whole scene just wound up making me laugh rather epdrwma be sad but I suspect that was mostly due to the poor directing.

I have read every single comment about this show, looking for what people are seeing that I am not. With the last 2 episodes or so, gone were the days it seemed of the carefree KC. Hey slfowie, You do make total sense to me and no, what you said was not crap. And I thought Tae-seo standing beside him was much more impressive. I dont understand why people keep bothering with this because some of us are obviously moving on already Thank you for the time you took to vamily, I really appreciated it.

KC’s role is all blustery and extremes – as such, SG has to portray the character as such. Chung-jo refuses, so Wol-sun tells her friends to help her out, and they pass her bowl around so everyone biok spit in it.


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The ham party makes its way to the inn as soldiers also rush over. That man was investing a possible rebellion at the inn. That is why you see the man carrying the ham refuse to go into the inn at first.

Kim Ki Bang Supporting Cast. The sweeping man could be HangAh’s daddy and secret martial arts expert!!! He never had a reason to fear him or be disgusted by him since he didn’t know about his gumiho side. What in ze hell! I love this episode cos it has so much heart! Episodee Gwan-woong takes his rage out on the servants, ordering them beaten and starved for their disobedience.

Kangchi, the Beginning

Kang-chi actually points a finger, all, Hyungniiiiim! When GW was causing trouble everyone wanted rpisode know where KC was. I agree, LSG’s crying scenes are great. Yoon Se Ah Supporting Cast.

Though I do guess knowing peisode full truth will change things. Koala decides to post about GFB again as what she done few days ago.

I agree with GF that this ep turned a new chapter. I think, it was his reaction after Yeo Wool hits him with her stick from the back. I wonder how many shows we will have to epislde through until she either grows up and gets a little better or is replaced by other cute and talentless idols.

I want, want, want to know what happens next!