The winter dry spell seems to have ended! KC is happy to see him. YW and the assassins see the transformed Kang Chi. She has been getting a lot of negative publicity lately so this is very good for her. Did I miss something? Because dear god man, how can you not know that she is a girl?

I mean, sure, he’s my bias, but I don’t go around spewing crap about other actors! In the morning, Little Bro wakes up in the forest, safe and sound. I’m interested, but there were certainly moments of unintended giggles. She removes the bandage to check the wound. I kind of liked it. Like a monster, not as a human- how do you want me to live?! I feel like this show is going to be a lot of fun minus the raping and murdering.

He’s on a different level. SR finds CJ leaning against the beam in exhaustion. I bet revenge is gonna come in the way for Kang Chi’s human turning quest, and this choice between them will be the core of this drama.

Kangchi, the Beginning

I can’t wait for the adventures. I’m interested, but there were certainly moments of unintended giggles. If you are ready to let rramacrazy all go, then you can eat the porridge. He is worried that KC is spilling too much blood.

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Anyways, if everyone epizode the same thing, with the same point of view, reading comments would be boring. I am no longer human! The one she meets under the peach blossom tree with a crescent moon is an incompatible match—she must avoid him at all costs. He looks around the room, saying the room is so old and suggesting that GW fix the whole place up.


He steps toward her. Choi Kang Chi is a legendary gumiho and is half-human and half-beast.

Oy, Dam-goon, are you really okay? But he struggles, remembering GW and CJ. YW follows Gon outside. Well, it’s her choice to watch a show she sib like. PJ tells him that there are four other teachers- virtuous men- in this school who will make that decision. How could it have ended so fruitlessly? SJ tells KC to accept it. His face falls hilariously.

Here’s hoping the show continues to be good.

KC asks Sung if there is meat. You are commenting using your Facebook account. He asks YW if she took off the bracelet. This is real form. CJ declares that her father is not drzmacrazy traitor and that she will never step into the gisaeng house.

YW grits her teeth in frustration and hits him in the head again. It is bitter too.

Recap: Gu Family Book Episode 7 [Complete]

He was raised by the Park family after having been picked up from the river. But i would really like to live in the moonlight garden. Kang-chi freezes in shock, disbelieving, and then it sinks in and he leaps up to howl in victory. Almost immediately, he gets good news: Cant wait till KC knows YW is a girl.


Eh, hot daddy is a magical being. Please look really awkward.

The other gisaengs follow. It’s been sub for a couple of hours now KC quickly feigns pain.

Is that what nabs your interest? War of the Flowers if you are a traditional saeguk lover. She sits by KC and feels his forehead and sighs. All that changed is your eye color.

I want to kill them all. And standing there to catch her is Wol-ryung. She also tried to knock some sense into KC, that what makes us human is ability to feel guilty and fear becoming a monster, which is something GW lacks completely. Nice second pilot episode: I too want a longer mommy daddy story. Jang Ok Jeong is almost British in its looks, witticism and sensibilities. Email required Address never made public. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

I am digging the parents love story a lot.