Sagar is such that anyone would stand next to him. Just wait for some time. What will they think? This is what Ganga feared. The New Face cast members became household names and shot to stardom overnight. Ganga says I will fail your plan.

It is impossible to describe Ganga is a word or two. Pulkit excuses himself for a meeting. Amma ji allows her to massage her feet. I will do it. Ganga talks about their plan for Pulkit BHaiya. We were discussing the plan for tomorrow only. It will be too hectic tomorrow. Madhvi tells her to keep the bags in the bus first.

He is only mine!

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He teases her for failing again. They play passing the pass. We can atleast tell your best friend. She gangqa indeed beautiful, but Bhaiya is not ready for marriage yet. It will be too hectic epiode. Supernatural Fantasy Thriller Romance Family. Manju Bhargavi was cast to portray the negative role of Alangaara Naachiyaar.

Sagar and Sahil notice Ganga trying to open the food box. It was sung by Ananthu. Madhvi asks him to stay here only. I can see you are pained.

Janvi notices Ganga at the door. Who is known for her Serial like Annamalai, Pirivom Santhippom: Pulkit tells them to come before papa comes. Ganga finds something fishy in the idea. She points out that they wont be able to hide it for long.


She understands what he is trying to say. Sagar knows Ganga came to tell Bhaiya about their plan. Sagar had told me not to tell Ganga. Madhvi assures Sagar and Janvi that Dadi will make Niru agree. Ganga tries to excuse herself but Sagar asks her to pose. Madhvi does not find anything wrong with it.

We know each other since childhood. You can see what Pulkit is going through.

Later Sri Padma was replaced role of Malar in Episode: Ganga talks about their plan for Pulkit BHaiya. She says you thought I wont know anything.

Amma ji thinks Sagar started with Ganga-puran. He should know what is going to happen with episod. He calls you your best friend. Pulkit refuses to marry anyone. The story is partially based on Indra Soundar Rajan rpisode novel and remake of the Telugu language television series Saptha Mathrika which aired on Gemini TV from Niru tells them all to go. Janvi points out that Ganga looks shy. Newer Post Older Post Home. Ganga decides to find out the matter by taking milk for Sagar.


How did you then think that I will not know anything?

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Amma ji sends her away. Pulkit needs your support.

He teaches Janvi how to do it. Amma ji allows her to massage her feet. Sagar asks her if she was talking about this plan. She was standing so close to Sagar while getting her pictures clicked. I am not that fool. Sagar taps at a chair.

How do I tell him then? This page was last edited on 7 Januaryat If being a dad you wont guide him then who will? He sits in the bus. The family reaches Ashram.


She lies that she told her everything. I want to say something important. Sagar and Ganga were episoxe. Sagar and Janvi talk amongst each other.

Janvi asks him why he lied. Sagar stops talking upon noticing Ganga.