The knife arrived 2 days later. Awesome selection of knives and tools. King, the brand Chris mentioned, makes high value traditional “mud” binder stones; but they’re not the only one. If you think about it being formed by bending, you’d expect the burr to bend that way. Not sure what I will end up doing and also not sure if I would keel the FKM or sell it to hell offset the cost of the next one. When I first started I was totally about value and getting into the swing of this before spending any serious cash, but I was and still am insanely curious as to just what does one get for the extra money.

I can get this thing sharp enough to shave my face. I have also been meaning to start a thread and maybe do a review as sort of a follow up to my thread last year pf this same time to show this years newbies my experience with this very nice and affordable Japanese knife and also the Tojiro Knives I purchased. Sep 21, 8. I’m sure there will be more to come. I’ve read a bunch of your stuff BDL , and now speaking as the elementary school teacher that I am, that last piece was the best. Now all that said just by online info and reviews etc the Mac is now into a price point where there is some very stiff competition, and if we are to compare the mac to the 70 FKM why not throw in some of those priced or more over the Mac?

Both recipients loved them.

Fujiwara FKM chef knife | ChefTalk

Back to the higher cost knife question. Sep 21, 8. It is not the best knife in the world, nor is necessarily the seres mass-produced, stainless, yo-gyutos in its price range.


I’ve sharpened some western softer steel knives with my inexpensive combination stone with near-magnificent results.

You can also use a “normal” “thumb drag” just sliding your thumb fm the edgeand if one side of the edge feels more aggressive than the other, there’s a burr on the aggressive side.

I do this many times in the sharpening process.

Everything about the MAC sounded great to fmk Out of the box edge, stiffness, quality, support, etc. I think anyone new to this will be very happy with either of these, and it is a very inexpensive less than any brand name German made, and not much more than clearance or seconds too way to get started into the world of J knives, and even more importantly if your on a tight budget will leave plenty of cash for buying at least one stone if not more.

Herb Strauss – verified customer I have to say the purchase was f,m smooth as this knife cuts. Sep 26, Which are good or better than others.

Fujiwara FKM Stainless Gyuto 210mm

Been retiring my 8″ knives and santokus over the years as I move towards a daily 10″ or so knife. It’s only 3bucks more than the 10″; the rule of thumb is you want a rod that’s at least 2″ longer than your knife.

Sep 18, 3. The Mac Professional series knives are across the board very good indeed.

Fujiwara FKM Stainless Gyuto mm

This is still the knife I reach for the most. Will I have time to ” go big ” and save for the other things? Since I currently deciding on the next addition to my collection I can add a little more to this. A great many people seroes theirs to death.


It’s a very good knife for a lot of people. It’s not “the best” by any means, but surprisingly ok, and gives the correct impression that technique matters more than the stone.

Fujiwara FKM chef knife

Sep 20, 6. The marginally better but more expensive way is the get the equivalent Atoma stone. The knife arrived 2 days later. From the reviews I have seen I would expect the mac to be better all around, and at an additional usd over a similar fkm gyuto I think it had better be.

It is really interesting to see how others find these experiences etc. It was very sharp when I first pulled it out of the box. Jonathan Barr I’m a working professional and at this price point there is no other knife worth considering.

I am on a tight budget and very new, having never used kitchen knives. Seeing as how I never used any kind of real kitchen knives German or JapaneseI think I will be very happy. Then I became curious as to how their chef knife was.

Awesome selection of knives and tools. I am overwhelmed at the knowledge you guys have and I thank you all so much for sharing.

TJ – verified customer 4 years ago I got this as my first Japanese knife.