Oct 7, at 6: Jul 11, Messages: How to Train Your Dragon: To say more would be unfair to first-time viewers. Dec 10, Messages: His ghost has taken up residence in the Fairwater cemetery, and he exerts the same maniacal discipline over its spectral residents as he did over his recruits until one of them blew him away.

He decided to pursue a fantasy epic and we all know how that turned out. The Lord of the Rings: Written on Monday, 25 February He attends the many funerals held in Fairwater, handing out business cards offering paranormal services. Sep 10, at Patricia Ann Bradley played in flashbacks by Nicola Cliff , daughter of a hospital administrator. Blu-ray user rating Video 4. Jackson also had a tough time selling, to both Zemeckis and the studio, the idea of shooting in his native homeland of New Zealand, not to mention getting clearance for his then-new digital and special effects company WETA to work on the movie.

Oct 10, at Such a funny film Oct 7, at 6: Others don’t like Frank at all, a notable example being the editor of the local newspaper, Magda Rees-Jones Elizabeth Hawthornea sharp-edged harpy who suspects Frank of murder no! Best Blu-ray Movie Deals. Events draw Lucy frightener Frank together as they fight the supernatural menace and try to solve the mystery of Patricia Bradley in this chillingly funny film.

Select category Add custom category. Bradley greets strangers with the hospitality of a hermit, but she lets Dr.


Read more about the extra frightenerrs in the review of the DVD. Best Blu-ray Movie Deals. Site History Meet the Staff. Bannister’s most committed foe is a freakish FBI agent named Dammers, played by a great specialist of the bizarre, Jeffrey Combs. Speaking of which, black levels in this movie are super, allowing for crisp shadow detailing.

The Frighteners Blu-ray: 15th Anniversary Edition

How to Train Your Dragon: Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh modeled the character on Kubrick’s martinet, wrote the dialogue according to his rhythms, then couldn’t find an actor to strike the right tone. All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.

On my Panasonic Blu-ray player, it was a seamless experience, no pauses of glitches. It’s unclear what this spirit is or what it wants.

Review for The Frighteners

As cleverly as Jackson’s production team had adapted the locale to mimic the fictional California town of Fairwater, it still looked “off” in numerous subtle ways, and Jackson used the incongruous architecture and overcast skies frightenes unsettling effect, as if Stephen King’s Castle Rock had inexplicably been transplanted to the Pacific Coast Highway. I love this audio track! The image is vibrant, offers depth, and at no point did I notice any compression frightenres noise.

But sometimes they wander, and Frank has three such spirits living and working with him though why they do so is a good question and one they often ask themselves. Tags For This Item. Cape Fear – Blu-ray Forum.


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The Frighteners Blu-ray Screenshots. The only exceptions are the flashback and otherworld scenes. I watched the director’s cut of Frightemers Frightners on Fgighteners last night. Apr 13, Format: But a series of inexplicable deaths and bizarre occurrences suggests the presence of a malevolent poltergeist. Jun 2, Messages: Besides dialogue always being perfectly rendered and clear, sound effects and score will give the old home theater system a real workout as surround and LFE activity are abundant.

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The Frighteners Announced for Blu-ray

The sergeant despises Frank for messing with the dead, and he lets Frank know it whenever he enters the premises. Blu-ray World on a Wire.

Rreview since The Frighteners has Jackson created anything with the same lightness and sense of spontaneous improvisation, and I hope someday he tries it again, because when he’s in top form, no one does it better.