When I do this I don’t lose myself, but find myself in God. I would have ascribed this all to my imagination had some people not come forward and confirmed it all – six people who saw me physically there. Mon Feb 25, 6: Sudac currently works at the Bethany Retreat Center, which is located in the tiny village called Cunski pronounced “Choon-skee” , on the island of Mali Losinj pronounced “Molly Lawsheen”. Are you allowed to speak of those? Are you close to the Blessed Mother?

Father Sudac docu-film finally available to view Post Posted: No, the gift of tongues have two or three groupings. To be a lover of truth. It doesn’t hurt me, except when I am in prayer, and then I feel it pulsing. Announcement was made on facebook: How old were he when you were ordained? Father Sudac is the most powerful speaker I ever encountered. It’s a very interesting gift, which is manifested only at the point when other people bear witness to it.

Zlatko is a Croatian priest who is known for his stigmata, the wounds of Christ on his body, most prominently in Fr. It is always given as a help to the person so that he can express himself and fall in love with Sudax. Wed Feb 12, 8: The message I received – especially have trust in God.

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The one who lives for people receives a great deal from people. My grandmother, that is, the mother of my mother, was very poor, and she was not able to do it.


sudax I really enjoyed it. It is a gift of being able to diagnose or read people’s hearts. Why did you decide to become a priest? The only way to communicate with God is to love God. Were you close to Mary as a little boy?

In Roman times the two islands were separated at the isthmus city of Osor when a canal was dug. If this wounded humanity would discover the formula of love, unconditional love, this life would be heaven on earth. God is the Father of all people who wish to proclaim Jesus Christ.

An Inspirational Priest (and Stigmatic), Fr. Zlatko Sudac

Mogie did you come to know God under communism? Sudac’s primary messages are very simple ones: He speaks like Elijah … or John the Baptist. By this I refer specifically to the gifts of levitation, bilocation, illumination, and the knowledge of upcoming events – the knowledge about the near future, ,ovie about future dangers. Just gets right down to it. It is impossible to speak about Him. Thanks for the report songbird – I have still not watched it.

Some of these gifts overwhelmed me very much. I constantly announce at the seminars that if you have come there because of me, then you have made a mistake, but if you came because of Jesus Christ then stay. At Pentecost when fd apostles spoke in various tongues, then one spoke and everyone understood.


Father Sudac is the most powerful speaker I ever encountered. If God gave me a specific mission, then I don’t have to be concerned about that mission.

That is how the newspapers wrote it. This is just some of what Fr.

Fr. Zlatko Sudac – Interview

Mali Losinj has a population of about Having watched it, would you say that you are a believer? You spoke of the gift of languages, is it a gift of tongues or is it a gift of multiple languages?

Have you been to Medjugorje? This gift is mentioned in Holy Scripture. Mon Feb 10, movue A person who had the gift of understanding tongues, understood that those were all cursing, blasphemies and profane language against God. It doesn’t hurt me, except when I am in prayer, and then I feel it pulsing. All evil forces fall before her.