I consider the local, regional, national and international factors that motivated the development of this site. Hacienda tour- ism is based on plantation houses and the outbuildings that were used in the cultivation of henequen during the nineteenth century. I also argue that it is important to pay attention to tensions occurring at the local level. All the time they waved and called at the passing tourists. It is the determining factor in the assessment of both tourism and its consequences. Kratz and Karp However, they do have something very special:

Tourism—meaning voluntary, temporary travel for purposes of rest, recreation or knowl- edge—includes business travel and formal study abroad when visitors take time out for sightseeing. Indigenismo can be considered a source of inspiration for early cultural tourism, as it contains the romantic and paternalist sympathy for the local and the indigenous that is so characteristic of present-day cultural tourism. Nowadays, as tourism becomes the government focus, Panama is exploiting its ethnic diversity to draw tourists, by portraying the country as an ideal ecotourism destination as well as a place of great ethnic and racial diversity. A major element of the new promotion of tourism was the permanent and renewed impulse given to artistic- folkloric activities. Today, museums increasingly make use of elements that are intended to heighten the inherent educational quality of their 17 he estimated igures for are , visitors, 27, of them children and retirees; and for , , visitors, 14, of them children and retirees. In the mountain community of Chawaitire,6 6 Chawaitiri is relatively distant mountain community in the Pisaq district; it is located at an altitude of almost metres above sea level and can be reached by foot a couple of hours walk from Pisaq or by minivan or taxi approximately a one- hour drive.

With the growth of cultural tourism, the deinition of authenticity becomes a central issue. In summing up his experiences in Huautla, Langdon repeatedly uses words that index liminality and authenticity, but also impermanence. Cholo—another mixed-race colonial category—had acquired connotations of low social status associated with highland identity. According to Kirshenblatt-Gimblet Ancon Hill has substantial symbolic meaning for Panamanians, as it was one of the irst territories restored to Panamanian hands, and is now a national reserve and pro- tected area.

My thanks go to the participants for their comments and encouragement. Perhaps even more than these Americans, most jipis had little interest in the indigenous residents of the Sierra Mazateca. We only have our pictures taken when waxhiman are walking through the streets, so it does not really show that we do this work.


We come to Pisaq in a kind of hidden way. Towards the end of the s, when Cuzco artistic-folkloric activity was lourishing along with the increase of tourism in the region, the 37 According to an article in El Comercio Cuzcothe movement of tourists was as follows in those years: As part of my research, I participated in various artistic events at the centre, interviewed administrative personnel, guides and prominent Afro-Antillean igures, and talked to tourists werie visited the centre.

Within the confines of this house, Ragini and Uday are now at the mercy of an unexplainable paranormal force. Kathleen Willingham generously helped us with the deinitive manuscript. But if the guide tells the tourists they should not take any photos at all, the tourist will listen to him.

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Although govern- ments and NGOs encourage these women to revalue their culture and to develop a sense of pride in their heritage, it is the people themselves who attach meaning to their activities and experiences.

It can be seen as an integrated element of globalization in which international travel and cultural discovery have become part of global consumption patterns. Everyday life, with its daily preoccupations and constraints, takes place everywhere and roots individuals in speciic places and repetitive rhythms. It could be said that this reinvention of the indigenous culture started around the turn of the twentieth century when urban intellectuals reconceptualized the indigenous heritage and started to reconstruct it as a building block for new nationalist ideas.

At the meeting they say it is bad and that we should stop doing this job. We hope that this book fulils your expectations! As a native of Amsterdam, where the mushrooms are sold openly and legally, he was already quite familiar with the efects of psychedelic drugs, but he had hoped to achieve something special by taking them with an indigenous shaman.

It is not clear why the number of visitors dropped signiicantly in I would like to thank the trova composers, musicians, aicionados and patrons who made me part of their world between and It could be said then that tourism activities partly prevent migration to the city.

In Huautla, the ability of these youths to bridge the worlds of a global avant-garde and an ancient and local past is made visible. And although there is oten not enough arable land and many communities sufer from crop diseases, crop failures, plagues and sick animals, agriculture is still the most important activity.

Even though these rules may be useful and even necessary, they oten imply the partial or total eviction of the local poor and their reduced access to the sites. In the Andean countries, the public perform- ance of dance and music by the masses had provided an opportunity for the negotiation of identities since the early colonial period Ares Queija ; Estenssoro, ; Poole ; Mendoza Sometimes these sacamefotos are quite frustrated because day by day it is becoming more diicult to earn some money.


He trotted ater them and he called at them: In other words, the demands of state nationalism and those of international tourism are in disagreement Steiner Emphasizing Afro- Antillean history as essential to the Panamanian nation obscures the enslaving process of Afro-colonials from the sixteenth to the mid- nineteenth century. His government ofered incentives for national and transnational companies to open maquiladora factories, especially in the textile sector. Una foto, take me picture, una foto si?

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Although there are numerous studies on staging in tourism, the processes that occur backstage are usually let out. Keune and Vugt In Peru and some Central American countries, the violence was clearly directed against the indigenous populations. Photo by the author, July congregates in places like Huautla and San Francisco. Foros sacamefotos come to Pisaq wearing the costumes they need for their performance, while others dress up ater they arrive in Pisaq.

Most clashes, conlicts and conversations about this develop- ment occur backstage. In the s, these power- ful groups had chosen the coastal criollo tradition. Tourists like the way we look, but more and more we know now how we should look.

Maria Grazia Gamarra y Juan Carlos Rey felices de trabajar juntos en “Mi amor, el wachimán 2”

However, tourism as a means for nation-building has the potential for profound contradictions: See, she has found her way! In al framework of this programme several conferences and seminars have been organized, both in the region and in the Netherlands.

Tourism creates articulation and connectivity both in real life and in the creation of images. Both national and local state institutions and political and economic entrepreneurs have discovered the potential value of these places.