I liked this very much Someone also told me that it is available on dramafever. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. But I keep refreshing just in case. I believe Dramafever is getting it. Log in with Email. A love like a seed that is forgotten.

I love the drama. I want to read it too! I also didn’t read the recaps yet, though I know for sure it’s going to be amazing girlfriday fangirl here lol. Suddenly, the fearful Do Mi is surrounded by flower boys a Korean term that refers to young, pretty boys , including Watanabe Ryu Kouki Mizuta , a Japanese chef who moves in on the same floor, forcing her to come out of her shell. Like I said before, panda hats will forever make me laugh. I find myself being fond of her and already going through a million possibilities in my head that might had caused her extreme isolation.

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I haven’t watcu watched it yet and here you are. And how cool was it the Lee Jong-hyuk cameoed?! Just right for my taste. Super excited for this one since all the Oh Boy shows have been a hit with me already: It already has heart but doesn’t feel heavy. Lee Dae Yeon Supporting Cast. Episode 4 by Regals. Here’s the link of the original webtoon, in Korean: Can’t wait for the next episode. BUT one character obviously stood up!!

All of a sudden, Clower was curious. That scene and screen caption of Enrique giving the “I’m watching you sign” plus his mean glare and his crazy outfit never fails to make me laugh like a loon.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe I’m ready for a happy place to visit in my weekly KDrama watching.



Flower Boy Next Door Favorite. Can’t wait for ep 2!

That is unrequited love. TammieR January 7, at 9: Here is the link http: But seriously, I’m totally digging this new Flower Boy installment! Oh, is he your bestie too? Thank you for the recap.

My heart’s breaking for Jin Rak already though sigh.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: And the more she shows another one of her strange antics, the more Net get interested! I feel your scars, I never ignore that.

January 7, at 7: What… are you wearing? Suddenly, the fearful Do Mi is surrounded by flower boys a Korean term that refers to young, pretty boysincluding Watanabe Ryu Kouki Mizutaa Japanese chef who moves in on the same floor, forcing her to come out of her shell. I like epdram character, but I like Dok-mi more.

Dok-mi wakes up in the morning and epdramw to the window while brushing her teeth… dor is greeted by a strange sight.

I know it was a small detail, and it wasn’t even explained in the original webtoon, but f,ower shows how much effort the writers have put on. I didn’t odor Standby Episodes by LollyPip. I can’t wait to see what’ll happen next! I just can’t wait to watch her being pulled out of her shell by this group of handsome boys barreling into her life. Can a female Peeping Tom get more than she bargained for? I hope he doesn’t get hurt We shift to another introduction—two well-dressed guys turn heads as they music-video-strut their way down the street.


Oh my god, are they brothers? Episode 6 by Helcat. I make up a thousand excuses just to run into you by chance. The second male lead is so cute, the actor and the character, the way he understands Go Dok mi, and how he sees her is adorable. One more advantage is that you don’t need to watch the whole drama which turns out to be bad.

She wanted everything to remind her of that fall day, and we watch as she comes home with those yellow binoculars on a whim.

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. He was in -“High Kick 2”, where he played Daniel Choi’s nephew when in fact both are ‘liners along with Yunho and Sungmin What are you doing here? She stops there in the street, unable to make contact. All in all, a light drama with just the right mix of sadness and wackiness.

But Dok-mi is only focused on the dog, and so she grabs a taxi to follow her mystery man. At the same time, the new neighbor starts packing a basket of pastries and practicing his greeting to introduce himself. She adds it to a stack. I saw when I came to the sight, waatch I was liked “Oh yeah!