His mothercomes to recover the bread. He decides to lend it to him while waiting for him to return with the sum of 70 euros. Consciente de la derive de son fils aine, Dani, elle a de I’espoir pour Malakai. Dans le binome avec Dani, il est celui qui va reflechir deux fois avant de ce lancer et n’a aucun mal a remettre Dani a sa place lorsque celui propose des idees qui pourrait leur faire prendre cher. Leon lj ,00 Dani 3j ,00 3. Dani is aimed and touched. I wanted to introduce an artistic element into the search of my main character because it is the means, in my opinion, the most authentic to express oneself.

De nature calme et reflechie, Malakai est un jeune garqon dote d’un sens de I’observation. Malakai is not reassured but shakes the head as a sign of approval. Mere 1J ,00 7. Leo est d’origine Espagnole. This unknown world leaves Malakai perplexed. His friends observe it while laughing. II est tres proche de son frere et de sa mere malgre un conflit ambiant.

Whatever is our socio- cultural-professional background we are in a era where individualism preaches on equality for all. Lionel menace e medecin qui lui apprend que le pronostic vital de ce dernier n’est pas engage.

Ina lj ,00 Figuration: Malakai turns over to Mr.

Consciente de la derive de son fils aine, Dani, elle a de I’espoir pour Malakai. Uu ie 1 ilm.

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A Sunday, whereas he goes with his friends to the Flea Market, he discovers a camera Bell and Howell 8mm of -the Zapruder as they say- and is caught with an intense interest for the object.


Transports 6 ,34 3. The camera becomes a companion and documents his daily life. Michaela Deneu Executive Producer: Malakai is not reassured but shakes the head as a sign of approval. Malakai is on the point of leaving, his mother asks him to take a bag so that he buys bread.

However, his circumstances are shaken up as he discovers a period camera, the Bell and Howell 8mm fromat the flea market. Leo 4j ,00 6. Malakai’ is a child full with understanding, one guesses it by his daily observation of what surrounds him, his curiosity for the unknown and this fascination which he will cultivate for his camera. Leon, the seller, is intrigued by the curiosity of the young boy.

Sils lj ,00 They go in front of a shoe stand, a heavy music of rap resonates, the men are posted in front.

Represented through a cast of the French youth which one too often forgets or which one drowns in prejudices. Prosyituee 1 lj ,00 He describes to him the object, a Bell and Howell 8 mm, the Zapruder, the same model which filmed the assassination of JFK in 1 II engraine ses amis dans ses envies soudaines dilm parfois dangereuses.

I chose to speak about these young people whom we see every day and whose lives and motivations we do not know much about. They pass then under the peripheral.


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Mror s’interesse a la politique, aux mouvements sociaux et ecrit des poemes qu’il recite a longueur de journee depuis son adolescence. Malakai and Dani return to their city, in the courtyard are their respective friends, some marod riding motorcycles, some are playing dice, others discussing. Malakai acts as a platform to give it a voice. During the action, the camera fell between his brother and him.

De nature joyeuse et optimiste, il est toutefois rationnel.

Hommes Stands 2j ,00 Movie of Delegate production: II est influenqable aux moeurs de notre jeunesse. Arrivee en France a ses 22, elle devient veuve aux 15 ans de Dani, elle eleve depuis ses enfants seule. Beyond tearings which the rupture of the recurent practices and friendship would cause, art would make it possible to open up to new horizons through dreams and projetcs. Dani is aimed and touched.