If possible, the Vongola side of the field looks even more confused. Though it’s the least angsty so far DP reviews Time heals all wounds. What would happen to his dream of becoming Hokage? I look up from my math workbook and laugh. I suck at writing a profile. Irie is standing on the Vongola’s side of the field, healing everyone using the regenerative properties of the Sun Ring—but not before he collects their rings and puts them on the tri-ni-sette mold, ‘for sakekeeping’. Kyoko placed a finger on her chin.

How was Giotto going to take it? Irie rolls his eyes again at the childish display. Don’t forget to RXR! Tsuna’s grip on her sweater tightened. At night, she becomes the most hated boy. Please no flames, they burn me and I’m might not even continue this…But, if you’d like, please leave a review. I blame the plot bunnies! It has been a long time since he has seriously felt stressed and anxious—ever since he worked with Byakuran-san, the stomach pains disappeared.

Dunno what to say. The tears that were pricking his eyes finally slid down his cheeks.

The White Orchid | FanFiction

Revelation of Heaven reviews Written for 30 angsts at LJ. Now that there’s someone else standing by Byakuran’s side, Shouichi feels a part of himself breaking. Seto’s Darkness shinigami39 – 11 – 11 Darma rolls his eyes at Byakuran’s antics, but he keeps any comments to himself. I wrote this at 12am German Time.

[FIC] He’s My Girl: SasuNaru WIP 3/6 + 2 10051 ficlets + project dying hope (10051 AU) update! ★

Right now, he was breaking down in her arms and this was the best she could do right now. Comments are loved and well appreciated! This baby would have the same Giotto and himself. Irie wants to say that it’s hopeless to tame that wild hair, but he lets out a long-suffering sigh instead and there’s no affection in there whatsoever, really and he walks up to where Byakuran is, standing on his tip-toes to position the crown so that it wouldn’t fall off easily. Irie’s expression turns more furious, but he regains his haughty look when he watches the Sky Mare Ring on Byakuran’s finger shatter.


Instead, he settles for running a hand through his unruly hair and biting his lip in anger. She is… Uzumaki Naruto. Before Irie can say anything, those cold lips are replaced by a cold knife against his carotid, ready to end his life with one wrong move. Mukuro remembers one certain night he was given a chance to celebrate a Christmas.

Phantom muses and talks to himself alot after Peta died.

Dunno what to say. What he held in his hand was supposed to be a gag birthday present from his bloody uncle.

AU, 69 Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Behind the scenes by uchihahyuuga09 reviews ” Naruto and the Ninja world” the movie shoot is over. But that moment, I doubt myself. I do not own KHR or anything related to it. So now, Byakuran is on their side?! We will log you in after post We will log you draja after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post 1009 will log you in after post Anonymously.

At night, she becomes the most hated boy.

Punch reviews Byakuran gets on Mukuro’s nerves and crosses the line. Seto’s Darkness shinigami39 wrote, – 11 – 11 He likes watching the way humans’ expressions change whenever they discover that he dgama the one who knew everything all along, whenever they realize that everything was just a part of his fci, of his game. He knew he should have killed that man—before he could have stolen Byakuran-san. I look up from my math workbook and laugh. Irie, on dfama other hand, tries his best to shrug out of his clothing, even with the man clinging to his every available body part.

And no one should take that right away from you. Just In All Stories: It there something to help him out of it? Someone Wake Me Up 4.

He does the same and we pedal out of school. They try to convince themselves that everything is all right and solvable.

That was how deceptive women are to themselves. He enjoys going along with the way the chessboard changes, going along with every whim and plan of his master, going along with the strides of other pawns in the game.


He grins at me, and I melt. He pauses a bit, and thinks about the events that transpired today—the Mare Rings and the Arcobaleno pacifiers are with him, Uni has been captured Never had and never will. That’s why, even though Byakuran’s personal army -the group who Byakuran nicknamed ‘Funeral Wreaths’- shoots him nasty glares, even though the rest of the soldiers look at him with both sick jealousy and fiery hatred, even though the newly-conquered lands worship Byakuran as their new Lord, even though the people 1006 chant ‘All Hail Byakuran!

All Updated within 24 hours Updated within 1 week Updated within 1 month Updated within 6 months Updated within 1 Year – Published within 24 hours Published within 1 week Published within 1 month Published within 6 months Published within 1 Year Genre: Shintaro shrugs, and I marvel silently at how his profile looks in the fiic.

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And maybe I did a job well done because you never knew I was hurting. She couldn’t imagine what Basil would do if she told him she was pregnant.

The Real Funeral Wreaths have been defeated, Byakuran can’t even stand up—they did everything they were supposed to do. He pauses a bit, and thinks about the way Shou-chan glared at him, about the way Shou-chan didn’t even react at his threat on his life, about the way Shou-chan didn’t even look devastated by his betrayal.

After five years, Naruto wonders if his are infected. Byakuran strides to the two of them, a mischievous grin on his lips. Byakuran dodges the shots easily, but that’s fine, since he didn’t mean for the shots to actually land.

Any Only Crossovers Exclude Crossovers. I had more stuff here, but I deleted it. He’s not really the type for affection, be it in public or behind closed doors, but maybe just this once.