When he chose himself and walked away from her but still honored his promise to her father I wished it could have been the ending of their journey. If he can figure out how Find More Posts by Nad. There weren’t really surprises with the decisions and outcome since it was already to us in previous books who would vote for whom. Definitely not talking about the plot as there are already hundreds of reviews that do that. I wasn’t sobbing or anything. Find More Posts by Chrissy. I love it so hard!

I would have loved to see that! Lord of the Rings. He may not always understands why she does what she does but he does back her play when the time calls for it. Well except when he dumped her One documentary I once watched showed a starving female cat I think it was a leopard unwilling to mate with the aggressor males because she already had a litter — cubs who would be killed by those males in order to ensure their own progeny a fighting chance. I stopped everything I was doing and just started reading it right then and there. Kaci, the young werecat found in the previous book, is now living under the protection of the Sanders Pride.

This does not stop her from overcoming adversity and demonstrating that there is a lot more she and women can sifters than reproduction of the race, but she can lead her pride into a brighter future. I could rant about this book all day and still not really give a decent review.

I get that Faythe has to fight the system and prove herself the best — which she actually eventually does. Usually my favs in Sannders have much romance in it, like guild hunters or night huntress series, and I am a huge fan of romance. She can’t make up her mind for like 5 books and then we have to wait until penultimate page of the final book?

I was not emotionally attached to the heroine. Throughout the series he never let her or the pride down but damn a guy can only take so much.


I honestly thought that at any moment Faythe or Marc would die even when logic tells me it’s not sandegs. The author wrote the grieving scenes convincingly well and isn’t the type who dismisses loss easily.

Alpha picks up shortly after the events in Shift.

And That was what Calvin Malone had never really understood. Everyone had a role to play in this one, although some characters got a bit less page time than I would A brilliant end to one of my favorite series.

Clearly, she must shiftegs had strong feelings for him. How do you feel now that it’s over? Jul 09, Marissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: The characters are all great!

faythe sanders

So to continue the tradition, I’m going to give this one a solid three star status. Oct 16, Joanne sahders it it was amazing Shelves: One small mistake causes Faythe to get kidnapped herself.

He respects her as alpha. Shifters 4 — Prey. The mounting tension in this sub plot is meant to eventually pay off when Faythe talks Kaci into finally shifting, but this is honestly not the kind of plot that absorbs such a plot device.

Feb 08, Booknut rated it it was amazing Shelves: Once the we, the readers, got over the shock of reading about werecats, the werewolves were mentioned. Shitters finds herself an enforcer, or protector of her Pride.

Barring some miracle Rachel announces she will continue in a spin-off! I guess this author just isn’t for me. And in the end, she doesn’t even make a choice While all this chaos is going on Liv is trying to get away from her past, while Cam is trying to find out her past and help her.

As sad sjifters it may sound, I miss them all already. This book was excellent! Or, God forbid, a Rachel Vincent. Her personal growth puts her in training to become the Alpha after her father steps down, and so she becomes much, much closer to her father and respects him even more.


Something of a twist that didn’t lead to an unhappy ending? I would have loved to see that!

Faythe Sanders | Feminist Quill

The major death was a sad blow since it was a favorite character of mine. And her adventures over the past five books has assured her an assorted band of allies, from Bruins and Thunderbirds to the much neglected Stray cats in territories outside the Prides. Pride Fayhte Pride, Faythe Sanders is fully aware that her father intends on making her Alpha of the Pride when he retires.

I seriee not put it down for a second and every line of it kept me on the edge of my seat and hanging on to every word Rachel put on paper. Had to think about how to rate this one. I wanted to scream at how much she claimed zanders love him but every time she thought of the pain inflicted on the other one she stopped. Now she needs to defend her actions in such a way that she escapes being executed for her crimes — or even just permanently declawed. My hope was buoyed by the fact that Vincent deliberately developed Jase as a decent potential partner, showing him taking care of Faythe well when she’s injured, supporting her as she would need to shifteers supporting when she takes over the Pride as Alpha, and working well with Marc and others repeatedly.

She shares her workspace with two black hsifters Kaci and Nyx and her 1 fan. Unfortunately, she finds herself on trial by the Territorial Council for infecting Andrew, her human ex-boyfriend.

I don’t even know where to start.