The Final I R for strong bloody violence involving aberrant behavior, grisly images, a scene of sexuality, and language throughout. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Director Steven Hentges proves he has what it takes to film and direct a close quarters group and still keep the action pretty solid. Audible Download Audio Books. Four individuals sign up for a psychological research study only to discover that they are now subjects of a brutal, classified government program.

The Complete Adventures of Cubby Bear movie http: This article about a s horror film is a stub. We find out about the history of this manipulative psycho, and the final denouement is ingenious to say the least. It is supposed to be a character study, where we feel sympathy for these people in their plight. The younger Anna Lea Kohl is manipulative and willing to do anything to survive. His motive in this film I would say matches the character role of the scientist himself ….. If the audience doesn’t give two shits about the victims or what happens to them, then what’s the point? Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth.

Then they head off on an all expenses paid trip to New York, courtesy of the social network.

At current, this story plays out as expected with the humanity slowly breaking away and revealing he savage side that craves sustenance. The ending was surprisingly good, somewhat an alternative version of the hole. Main prisoner Jordan played by Lori Heuring is a sensible woman who wants to reason her way out.

What WOULD you do if you were stuck in a underground room with four other people for a month, with all the water you could drink but nothing to eat? Some scenes feel like a chore to get through.


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In addition, some plot points are dropped throughout the film and never picked up again. View All Critic Reviews 2.

Bunch Of Idiots Trapped Together. Hunger is a dark exploration into the breakdown of humanity. Though the days reveal that the connection they have was various situations that each of them were involved in murder of some aspect.

Hunger is most defiantly a ten on the gross out scale, but besides that it has absolutely nothing going for it. They soon realize they are the subjects of one man’s sadistic experiment to test the depths of a human being’s will to survive.

The players frighyfest this arena are: After finally seeing it, however, I came away somewhat surprised. The movie delves into the darkness of the human condition and poses the question of how far can one go before losing humanity.

Dead Mom Kevin Shaver How far would you go to survive in the most extreme of circumstances?

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By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. He watches per video camera, records the fnagoria in his journal and just observes as the events play out.

Racism collides with corporate greed when nine strangers – one of whom has a bomb ploot become trapped in a Wall Street elevator. It had moments that I wanted to see more done with the plot and the situation, but they failed to seize a lot of opportunities that may have worked for this film.


Linden Ashby, Lori Heuring Released: The Price, and what it offers me. Five strangers wake up in a pit with no memory of their abduction and no way out.

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Nine strangers, with no apparent connection between them are abducted: My only problem was that the running time was too long, there were a lot of unnecessary shots that could have been removed to make the film flow nicely.

Movie Review Slaughter High.

Young Boy Laura Albyn The younger Anna Frightcest Kohl is manipulative and willing to do anything to survive. Steven Hentges Release Date: There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. There is some ok gore moments, and the movie is not boring.

Hunger (Movie Review)

Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: And, no one is safe. Watch how they interact, break down, lose control and turn to ways of thinking that models after survival more than anything.

Like the director rushed the beginning, slowed the middle, and just gave up towards the end. This movie just felt like it was incomplete. Will the Oscars Still Rock Dangoria