I’m the one who’ll decide what to do with you. He has been branded, sealed. Nia the Authoress Episode The Battlefield, After the Rain. February Air by nearsightedness reviews Sickness grows in the most beautiful of places. Draw Me Awake by Aalicia reviews Rukia’s birthday brought her more gifts than she knew she wanted. A very in character ficlet in which the two of them battle with a law of physics. Luffy has only been on Whitebeard College for 4 weeks, and he already meets a senior that will change his world upside down.

Yamamoto, Xanxus – Complete. Captivated, he followed him into class. Unfortunately, this particular surf instructor was Writer Arthur Kirkland keeps having erotic dreams about a man with eyes like his and his lover. Following the current developments of the manga during Winter Cup. But fears about being the “bottom” and a “bet” just might make them the perfect match.

What You May Stumble Upon by MapleSnowchunks reviews Shion is driving home from his humiliating work, when someone steps out in front of him. What happens when his stubbornness gets the better of him and he’s determined to get a certain patient to start talking again.

Yet, they both like the same woman? The group transport to an iceworld where things go awry. Now, she has to deal with raging fangirls, a jealous stalker, and a jilted mother along with a relationship with someone completely different from herself. Hi, this is Zack.


Crush by Kagome reviews Even though it seemed ridiculous, some part of Riku believed that the Valentine’s Day note came from Sora. Ouch by sakurakiss reviews Yamamoto has a splinter and Gokudera has to take care of it of course.

I always imagined the hero to be a knight in shining armor. But underneath each argument and fight there lurked something stronger.

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When Yamamoto has to lure the reluctant Cloud guardian to an emergency meeting When a strange event forces them to interact, one of them suspects foul play from none other than Yukimura. He didn’t like following orders. Sweet fluff and make out session inside. So when Tsuna dumped Hibari with the hopes of one day getting back together, he soon found himself falling for someone else.

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Please do not read if you do not like yaoi. Some serious, some cracktastic, some just for the fun of it. TeFu Prince of Tennis – Rated: So what do you suppose he’d do upon finding someone with the perfect legs?

Frequently updating again Naruto – Rated: I’ve seen people die right in front of me; I’ve had to tell parents their child has died. Tuxedo Strawberries by Sharmander reviews Axel knows chocolate covered fruit only leads to trouble, and yet, he finds himself in Roxas’ kitchen trying not to stare at his best friend’s butt and possibly ruin their friendship. Tsuna checks on Xanxus late one night.


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Malik Assassin’s Creed – Rated: Of course I’d be unfair. Twist Your Hair by kingburu reviews Changes happen fast, even eyeshielld a speedster.

While studying in the lounge an unexpected tutor appears. R an R Air Gear – Rated: Star Hawk reviews LJ Challenge. And it just gets worse from there.

Existentialism, denial and identity crises follow shortly. Hero by bloody teddy reviews Some events happen in life in order to bring secret traits to the surface. Amnesia by kutoki reviews Zero animcrazy hit on the head and has amnesia. When Kaiba Seto returns to Domino, he find out what all has changed, and what has remained the same.

Eyeshield 21 – Rated: We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties by Yanan reviews Due to an explosion, the Heroes conversations are broadcast instead of the regularly scheduled commentary. Christmas time is approaching and Yamamoto feels that Gokudera is trying to push him away. P Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Oddly, Zell has the answers The rest of us know exactly what it means.