Really liking the pairing of Suzy and Puppy – wasn’t too sure when I first saw the casting for the female lead but I think she’s doing a terrific job with her part. I’m waiting for the WR and SH reunion, that should be interesting. Anony June 11, at Just got off work and off to read!! In the mean time, Gwan-woong gets charmed by Kang-chi and his apparently super-human quality. There really are so many other things in the world to get bent out of shape about. Pain in her heart?

I would not personally go to a concert given by LMH, the one in Malaysia alone is USD per person for the ticket, too expensive imho for someone who is not a singer but happened to sing, due to his popularity , and I do think that I would have a better chance of seeing him better on TV or on my computer screen than at a big venue let’s make it huge venue. She was suppposed to be dead, and also a ‘wanted’ person as she had attempted to kill an official. Kang Chi is an outspoken character who’s full of curiosity. He has been doing so since ep. At the academy, Madam Yeo Joo checks on Yeo Wool and is surprised to see the young lady in her warrior uniform. So, I think she is ready and meant to make it up for her baby now.

A flashback begins the episode. Again, awesome fast recap ladies!

Meheartseoul | ~sweet memories~: Gu Family Book (구가의 서) OST & Lyrics

There’s also the issue epiode duty patriotic, paternal, academic, maternal versus love. Or was it to indicate that they were fated to be together? As much as I despise JGW, the actor playing him is doing a wonderful job.

Aurora s, KDaddict and crazyahjumma fan i didn’t know Choi Jin Hyuk or LSG before this, and only saw Suzy but didn’t know her age eitherso i actually made guesses of their ages before looking them up. I might come back later and elaborate on some of famil scenes later, however, as I watched the dinner scene, it occurred to me epdraka KC indeed did have a family in more ways than one: Suzy is still a teenager, tho not for much longer.


She might have thought that baby KC have not inherited the gumiho trait, but seeing now that KC has actually turned into one Love the warm fuzzies in this episode, and head gangster’s unexpected comedy though.


I’m not so sure, just a guess. Choi Kang Chi is a legendary gumiho and is half-human and half-beast. And I am not being sarcastic, I am really not.

Kang-chi gets up to go, and runs into Seo-hwa epcrama his way out. Choi tells her that they found him in a river, and that he just clothed and fed him, but it was Lord Park who was really his father.

We have 6 more episodes left. He looks over at his sword with a dark expression. Inukikfan4ever June 11, at Same for the guy who plays MBC. I’m waiting for the WR and SH reunion, that should be interesting. Jung Hye Young Supporting Cast.

Kangchi, the Beginning

Moreover, her Jap husband mat not have approved of her return. The Gumiho Lovers Team. Every time he shows up, I just automatically start laughing, even in Monstar. It is not like she is robbing sb else of sth that should rightfully be theirs, right?

My hope for these dramas to get back on track, always springs eternal. Love CJ giving nasty gisaeng a taste of her own medicine, literally.

I didn’t know that. When he did the White Lie MV. Seo-hwa, alarmed by his hideous gumiho appearance, epframa him, and he is later executed by the noble trooper Dam Pyeong-joon, who had been told that the gumiho was killing innocents.


Super happy that the writers didn’t succumb to making her just a pathetic second lead. Pain in her heart?

Hi Ivoire, I will try to answer some of your questions as best as I can. He looks older than his age, while LSG is baby-faced. Park Joo Hyung Supporting Cast. In the background, Tae-seo yu a sigh of relief, his sword gripped tightly in his hand. He is really good at nuance acting, I really enjoy watching him.

His char there is the polar opposite boo this one. Their lives take another turn as they cooperate to manage the dread and trouble achieved by these apparitions.

Eipsode Gwan-woong waits for her reaction and prods—is this the thief who stole her map? A beautiful lady, inside and out. Bong Chool keeps blabbering on his wants and stays on the floor. Basically, he’s got a baby face, but when need to, he can look more mature with a change of hairstyle – eg, TK2H and when he had that cropped hairstyle back when he was Choi and several other servants rush to his side when he falls unconscious, it shows that even if they don’t know what or who he is they’re still supporting him.

Thanks for the recap, GF!

Really love the points you brought up, crazyahjumma fan. I hesitate to post the link right now because my fxmily might be put on hold because there is a link in it. Yes, that boyfriend of mine keeps himself very busy!! But before she can answer, Kang-chi keels over and faints.