Emergency Couple – Episode 9. Slappyunni, I’m so happy you joined the recap team. Hopefully it will turn out a nice one for me. I like to see every time Changmin got jealous because of Chunsoo. This is a hospital. Jin-hee is about to get off work, but runs into Chun-soo.

Every episode is amazing. I already got second lead syndrome. Chang-min and Jin-hee exchange unguarded smiles, but awareness hits all too soon, and the smiles evaporate. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. I agree with you with regards to Chang-min’s words at the end of the episode. When Chang-min finally mentions Ah-reum by her name, his mother stops dead in her tracks. Thank you SlappyUnni and Welcome.

It has all the things I dislike, one of the biggest being a bitch of an in-law. What makes it even better is they have no idea how transparent they are being to everyone else. When Chang-min finally mentions Ah-reum by her name, his mother emergencyy dead in her tracks.

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Kwon Min Supporting Cast. Oshin Episode Changmin is very childish: The woman recognizes him. Looking forward to your recaps! Chun-soo says that rules need to be followed in any situation, but Ji-hye still takes issue with the face slapping.


Jin-hee tells him that they are mere interns, which the salesman finds doubtful, given they look too old to be interns. Jin-hee is about to get off work, but runs into Chun-soo. I hope we get more on what happened with him other than, “I work in ER because something bad happened in the past and I can’t make that happen again EVER.

Throw me an extra crumb or two. I love the characters, the relationship, the medical background Welcome, slappyunni and suneedelight!

Jin-hee is shaken by the news. Till I Met You Episode She unceremoniously kicks him out of the car. I don’t want to live on this planet anymooooore Now that you mention episore, I guess the actress being beautiful and buxom faces the same challenge of being taken seriously as Dr. Have similar tastes with.

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Dolce Amore Episode Look forward to reading many more of your recaps in future: Having left home two years ago, she has largely estranged herself from her family. Please enter your username or email address. I was so amused by how Chun-soo so neatly episod that it was Jin-hee, not Chang-min, who episodd performed the tracheotomy. Pfffft When everyone ok just the ignorant interns assumed Chang Min performed the tracheotomy, he was the hero with God’s hands.



Do you finally have a boyfriend? Chang-min and Ah-reum are mortified that his mom has completely misunderstood the situation but episodde mom physically throws Ah-reum out of the apartment.

The scene when the elevator malfunctioned and they performed an immediate Tracheotomy on the cancer patient. Is this her ex-father-in-law?


If something happens to the patient, are you going to take responsibility, you asshole? I am watching and enjoying it, but the drama can’t seem to make up its mind whether it is a comedy or a medical drama. Jin-hee gets ready to leave and plans to visit a mysterious someone in the morning.

Glad that you will be recapping EC!