Recaps are not the same as forums. Their problems are caused by other people or by circumstances beyond their control. This is not my favorite show – in fact I fast-forward a lot – but that was a bit much. The writer planted the clue long before. CrazyKaleidoscopic March 30, at 3: I’m really enjoying the bgm in this series.

Resolving issues doesn’t mean you have to get back together: People who just want the lead to be together don’t care about reasons. I look forward to the next few episodes. She is now free to re-evaluate her past with Chang-min with a balanced perspective and to weigh realistically the potential advantages and drawbacks of a possible new future with him. Based on personal, on-going experience. I personally think that if they don’t do anything to help their relationship, they’ll divorce again later of course the drama would never show that

And your heart is beating fast due to all the running! Meta [Happily never after] Maybe What are your dranafire Japanese dramas? She is mentally competent! I don’t think I’m making any sense right now. Reading to me is so much better coupl I feel like it conveys much more.

I guess it is a matter of taste. Since I read without watching, spoilers would be a big turn-off to me especially the ending is not what I hope for and would totally ruin the reading experience for me.

D Anyways, Thanks for the recap: She has to be selective about what she covers here. The title was more than a cute pun and that honestly surprised me. But Jin-hee, on the other hand, — although I am all for the main couple to get back together, only a couple episodes ago, she had slapped him and kept saying “And this is the reason we can’t be”.

Emergency Couple

My poor Chief Gook. I have yet to find out.


And as the viewer, we’re all just suppose to expect that those issues are instantaneously resolved without either character doing any soul-searching? Jin Hee you just run up and down so obviously your heart will be beating fast. Jung-Suk is an arrogant, but popular instructor and Shin-Ib is a rookie instructor.

The drama tells the romance story between So-Hye and Hae-Sung. The possibility of Jin Hee and the chief getting together would have been very realistic. It just feels like everything happens just ciuple the sake of happening. Or how the bitch mother in law just became not bitchy. LPM is becoming a hot ajusshi! But the plot got really top-heavy, trying to fit a murder-mystery, court-intrigue, and corporate-takeovers into what began life as a rom-com.

The show started off pretty emergencyy then it gradually went down. Park Ji Il Supporting Cast. Chang-min bristles at the thought that he might be an object of pity.

All righty guys, so this is my top 10 korean drama list of so far. Despite taking on the more proactive role in responding to Chief Gook and also giving him hope to proceed I wanted to see young Jin-hee and Chang-min fall deeply in love and be blissfully married, I wanted to see their relationship deteriorate until a breaking point and I wanted to see them fall back in love again and realize what they did wrong the first time. What in tarnation did I just see?? And his evil mother doing a also??

There is just way too much indulgent, lingering and soft focus shots. She runs through the halls searching for Grandma, only to promptly bump into Chang-min.

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Based on personal, on-going experience. Episode 6 by Helcat. Yong-gyu watches from another table as Ah-reum reapplies her lipstick after eating. I’m sure she’s beating hard there, since she’s been running around there. Fishing by a river, Chun-soo also broods and recalls how his confession was cut off abruptly when Jin-hee ran off to take care of a sick Chang-min.


I adored both the depth of what the drama was saying and also the style in which it was said. It left me so confused.

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CrazyKaleidoscopic March 30, at 2: Their relationship is forced since we’re short away from the finale. He points out that she helped him after all, and gets up to leave. The death of CM’s dad and CM withdrawing from her gave her the space to reflect on her feelings. Sure, if you’re watching the eoisode, reading the recaps is a spoiler in itself.

She refuses to get out, so with a heavy sigh, he starts the car. I personally think that if they don’t do anything to help their relationship, they’ll divorce again later of course the drama would never show that Which meant SYH was able to stretch out her wings and really bring a strong level of sympathy and thought to what could have been a paint-by-numbers character. He falls in love with the dramafier daughter of the presidential candidate suffering Anthropophobia panic disorder, fear of people.