Devki avoids talking to Ghana directly. Ghanshyam and Radha are in the same restaurant to meet their prospective life partners. Avinash advises Radha to learn to adjust with her in-laws. Supriya gets upset about it. They call the watchman and learn that he has gone to have tea. Ulka interrupts saying that he should talk about something he doesn’t know. Avinash talks to Mrs.

He decides to go on a hunger strike until she finds a suitable match. He requests Radha to meet a prospective groom, but she refuses. Prachi explains to Radha that the boy’s side always has the upper hand. Mahesh feels happy when Radha agrees to go with Devki. Ghana drops the ring. Avinash wishes luck to Mahesh to find a son-in-law soon.

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Mahesh tells him that Radha has refused to lagbachi the 71st boy. Ghana makes Radha wear the ring. Mahesh is upset about it and Radha tries to pacify him.

Devki tells Shripad that they will accompany Ghana to see the prospective bride. Radha tells Devki that she wants to talk to her about an important topic. Pari gets irritated when Mauli offers to help her in the kitchen. Is he expressing his wish to himself?

Eka Lagnachi Teesri Goshta – Episode 225 – June 25, 2014

Supriya asks Sumukhi to make tea for Devki. Sumukhi comes to meet Devki. Mahesh firmly tells her that he will bear the expenditure, and that he won’t bear her tantrums. Vallabh and Digambar come to meet Mahesh. 2 then Ghana returns home. Supriya adds that she cannot accept Radha so easily.


Radha comes downstairs after changing. Devki shows around the house to Radha, while Mahesh chats with Shripad and his brothers. Supriya tries to point out at some flaws in the alliance, but Vallari wishes to see Radha.

He tries to convince her to episoed, but in vain. Vallari gets irritated on Vallabh for take her photograph while she is eating snacks. He tries to tell her that he and Radha have broken the alliance, but at the same time he is astonished to see Radha coming with a tray of tea. Supriya gets upset about it. Overview A sequel to the popular show ‘Eka Lagnachi Goshta’, Marathi show ‘Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta’ is the tale of a boy and a girl with a distinct approach towards their life and career.

Everyone asks him what happened. Vallari replies that they may need someone to carry the bags. Supriya shows hope to Sumukhi that Ghana’s engagement will be called off and Ghana will choose her. He wakes up Radha eoa tells her that epsode are thieves in the house.

An emotional Mahesh is speaking out his concern about Radha to his wife’s photograph. They fire him for being careless. Avinash talks to Mrs. Just then Ghana returns.

They talks about each other’s nature. Mahesh finds it very difficult to convince Radha. She dusai that Ghana won’t get married if he gets a job offer from US.

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Yamuna tells him that she has placed a bet with Ganga and that he should approve of the girl. Manav goes away from there. Digambar explains to Ghana that couples have some specific habits. Mayi is elated when Ghana agrees to meet Pratiksha.


Radha is forced to agree for the engagement ceremony. Ghana proudly tells Radha that she is the 64th girl whom he has rejected. Prachi and Mahesh are discussing the shopping list for the wedding. Shripad appreciates Mayi for managing to convince Ghana. Avinash is stunned to lagnahi that.

Radha replies that it is the reason why she didn’t want to have the engagement. Mayi gets a little emotional seeing Vinod. Ulka replies that it is a tradition. Ghana leaves on his scooter, but comes back after a while with an auto rickshaw for Radha.

Even Kuhu asks Ghana to approve the girl. However, they are firm on their decision of a registered marriage. He makes it clear to her that diamond really doesn’t suit him.

Mahesh is amazed to know that the cookery book which he follows is written by Supriya. And what is his habit?