Adorable Park Seo Joon makes my blood sugar go up. No overdramatic plots, just a simple and cute love story of two people who were besties when they were younger. Zah November 7, at 8: Sorry so long, I see there have been a lot of post since I started this. Tapioca Pearl, I probably should have put all this in a separate post, but when I saw you address the Like Lollypip said I would have been happy with this episode being the final one. It’s like he’s hiding his true feelings in a joke all the time Which has been mentioned before.

HJ made it very clear it was always and it will always be SJ and she never led him to believe otherwise. They are fun together, they laugh and joke around and they have chemistry. Perfect doesn’t even begin to describe him. I was in love with someone a very long time ago. So he hid his identity, and began writing as Ten. I suppose it has to do wit Siwon’s enlistment.

I get what the writers were trying to do — He was only being mean to them “for their own good.

This was a nice show and I’m thankful for the good laughs and warm feelings it brought out. Thank you das saying these words I cannot construct. SH, he tries to keep things as before even after being rejected.


You know for a whole episode of epilogues, I wanted some more closure. Looking forward to more of his work. I understand it’s the writers’ prerogative.

I also think that the characters of SJ and HJ are well suited to each other. Ahn Se Ha Supporting Cast.

She Was Pretty

In any case, I’m relieved Shin-hyuk remained off-screen a lot in this finale because I thought his goodbye and parting with Hye-jin last episode was absolutely perfect.

It was oozing all over my tv screen. But before eramafire forgot her dream entirely, she was given a wonderful opportunity — to join a group of writers on a year-long project.

And, this episode is like a finale to me. Lastly, I can’t imagine this drama ending on a sour note because it would be cheap to rob us all of all the emotions we poured into this show.

We never did see Sung Joon’s dad. No frills, no magic, no lretty.

Don’t do that, giving a false hope. Ji Sung Joon on the other hand, is all reserve. And the writers knew that. Seul and Joon-woo are still dating, and they go out for a little coffee and PPL.

I believe they’re very good friends in real life, and I’m happy to see that kind of chemistry played out in this show. I feel the same exact way.


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He goes on to explain that he began writing online in high school, and caught the interest of a publisher. She is the cutest girl I’ve ever seen in a Korean drama!

I know I love shin-hyuk Their book is published and we see the title: Chief Editor Kim makes her usual loud entrance, now flanked by her nephew, who announced himself formally and makes everyone cringe in horror. Shin Hyuk really loved her – and she loved him back as well.

Page 1 Page 2 Next page. I’m so sad that it’s ending! I need that ‘feel’: Glad someone else noticed that the daughter shouldn’t have had ruddy cheeks and curly hair when she was still young.

This show has definitely showed me Park 44 Joon! They each have their own pain to deal with, but i think their personalities would have matched better as friends rather than SOs.

I liked that about it.